A Tour of External Language Stored Procedures for MySQL

The integration of Business intelligence and logic within the database has been a long requested feature for MySQL. With version 5.0, MySQL delivered a stored procedure implementation and here we extend it to provide general support for external language stored procedures.

We detail the philosophy and design of the external language stored procedure framework and its implementation within the server and libraries. We then also detail how an external language plug-in is written using the simple skeleton plug-in which exercises the basic interfaces between the server and external stored procedures.

Demonstrations using the already developed plug-ins, including an overview of the implementation for the simple XML-RPC and the more sophisticated Java plug-ins, writing stored procedures and functions, with ideas for applications and their utility.

This presentation includes a tour of the actual source code, highlighting the big picture. The audience will see the low impact of the main-line server code, the simplicity of writing plug-ins for new languages and the ease of using the language plug-ins already developed. This is an exciting new feature preview for MySQL. All demonstrations are with live running examples which everyone can try for themselves: No mockups, no screen-shots.

Photo of Antony Curtis

Antony Curtis


Antony Curtis is an advocate of Open Source software and long-time user of alternative operating systems, originally became involved with MySQL in 1998 by porting it to OS/2 and has used MySQL as a means to interface with legacy systems.
He has joined MySQL in 2003 as a Senior Software Developer.

Photo of Eric Herman

Eric Herman


Eric Herman implemented proof-of-concept “judf” for using MySQL existing user defined functions interface for loading and executing Java functions, and is a developer of database-backed Java applications. He joined MySQL in 2004 and works on the Enterprise Tools team.

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