Deadly Sins Using MySQL and PHP

Performance Tuning and Benchmarks, PHP and MySQL
Location: Ballroom A Level: Intermediate

So many things just seem like a good idea, or make perfect sense at the time…but they are so utterly bad in the long run—issues of bad design, bad queries, bad tuning. MySQL has many features, and some are often abused for what Lentz would call evil purposes. Perhaps you can think of some yourself? Other issues are that old relational database “rules” do not always apply in 2004. But people just remember the rule, not the reason.

This talk covers a wide range of “no-no’s.” We will discuss them, and look at better solutions using very short, simple, and specific cases as examples. You may wish to take notes! The title was to get your attention, but Lentz promises to keep it lighthearted.

Photo of Arjen Lentz

Arjen Lentz

Open Query

Arjen initially started with C programming, but has since branched out to other stuff that blends geekness with more human interaction.

Arjen was employee #25 at MySQL AB (2001-2007), dealing with Documentation, Community Relations, Training, Support, Licensing, and acting as Program Chair for the 2005 and 2006 MySQL Users Conferences. He also co-authored the 2nd edition of O’Reilly’s popular “High Performance MySQL” book.

Arjen founded Open Query, delivering affordable remote and on-site MySQL support and training. He also does some coding again with the OQGRAPH engine, and his work on OurDelta (Builds for MySQL & MariaDB).

Outside work Arjen likes spending time with his daughter, bushwalking, camping, and dabbles in organic gardening.

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