MySQL Workbench: The Ultimate Database Design Tool for Developers

.NET/Windows, Java, PHP and MySQL, Ruby and MySQL
Location: Ballroom B Level: Novice
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Getting the database schema right from the beginning is one of the most important things when doing database development work. Too many applications suffer from mistakes that have been made during the planning- and design phase.

MySQL now provides a tool that makes database design as clear as it should be and provides a great assistance to developers to ensure their models are efficient, well documented and proper maintained during the duration of the project.

This session will give an overview of the tool and show how it can be used efficiently in the software development process.

Photo of Michael G. Zinner

Michael G. Zinner

Sun Microsystems

Michael G. Zinner joined MySQL AB in October 2003 and is leading the MySQL GUI efforts. Zinner is responsible for the design and development of the graphical MySQL tools like MySQL Workbench and the MySQL Windows experience. Prior to joining MySQL AB, Zinner was developing database-related GUI tools, including a highly acknowledged DBDesigner 4. He is based in Vienna, Austria.

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