Falcon for InnoDB Users

Falcon is MySQL’s new transactional storage engine, currently in beta. Falcon, however, is not InnoDB and was not designed as a drop in replacement.

The talk will discuss the architectural and philosophical differences between Falcon and InnoDB; some of the operational differences, where users can expect to see significant performance differences; and the problems that may be encountered when switching between InnoDB and Falcon.

Kevin Lewis

Sun Microsystems

Kevin Lewis is the Falcon Team Lead and has been working on the Falcon database engine within MySQL for nearly three years. Before that, Kevin worked for 10 years as a Lead Developer for the Pervasive.SQL Microkernel, which is the storage engine for Pervasive’s Btrieve and SQL products.

Ann Harrison


Ann Harrison is theorist-in-residence for the Falcon. Ann has been a co-conspirator for any number of database products including DEC’s PDP-11 database system, InterBase Software, and the Firebird open source database. When she can find the time, she sails and flies a small plane.

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