Data Warehouses - What a Difference a Storage Engine Can Make!

MySQL provides you with a choice of storage engines to power your data warehouse applications. When choosing a storage engine for a data warehouse application, it is important to consider:

  • Is the amount of incoming data overpowering your database?
  • Are you implementing complex load scripts to overcome performance limitations?
  • Are you limiting the number of indices in your database?
  • Have your range query response times become unacceptably slow?
  • Are you spending valuable time and resources in database maintenance, including dumping and reloading the database, just to maintain performance?
  • Are you buying disk drives just to improve performance?

If you are experiencing any of these issues in managing your data warehouse then you need to attend this BOF session where the pros and cons of various storage engines will be discussed. Compare the trade-offs that storage engines place upon database performance, and learn how traditional solutions compare with a revolutionary new storage engine technology, Fractal Trees. Your choice of database storage engine can make all the difference in keeping up with the growing workload demands of today’s data warehouses.

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