Continuent Tungsten: Proxies on Steroids for HA and Performance!

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Big MySQL sites have long appreciated the power of database replication. However, replicated databases are complex to manage, don’t provide seamless availability, and require application changes to provide scaling benefits. We show how Continuent’s new Tungsten architecture rides new technology trends to create data services with high availability and performance using commodity hardware and off-the-shelf MySQL databases. Tungsten: remarkable for its robust properties, and it’s coming to open source!

1. Overview and Introductions

2. A Hard Look at Database Replication

  • The good: Low overhead, resilient in face of partitions, horizontal read
  • The bad: Master failover, lost transactions, complex management, and
    application changes

3. Technology Trends in Databases

  • Eventual consistency
  • Semi-synchronous replication
  • Database virtualization
  • Cross-WAN and metropolitan clusters

4. Tungsten Data Services: Database Replication Reloaded

  • High availability and performance through replicated databases
  • Architecture
  • Simple Semantics: Trading consistency and durability for performance
    Safe write latency (including read consistency and read latency)
  • Simple Admin Model: Rapid configuration and easy management
  • Demo

5. Summary: How to download Tungsten!

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Robert Hodges

Robert Hodges is CEO of Continent, Inc., a leading provider of clustering solutions for open source databases. He has over 25 years of experience in database and application development. Robert has worked on cutting edge software for DBMS vendors, including reliable messaging, development tools, and object-relational databases. He has also built and operated enterprise web applications that support thousands of users.

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