Migrating from PostgreSQL to MySQL at Cocolog, Japan's Largest Blog Community

NIFTY Corporation will discuss their experiences with MySQL and how
they changed the configuration in TypePad to meet the Japanese
market’s requirement, such as more availability, more cell phone
support, and so on.

Migration from PostgreSQL to MySQL, administration, optimization, and
maintenance are also covered.

Through this session, the audience will recognize how to deal with
scenarios when the number of servers grows quickly from six to three
hundred, and also learn about real-life security and administration
best practices.

Photo of Naoto Yokoyama

Naoto Yokoyama

NIFTY Corporation

Naoto Yokoyama is the system architect for “Cocolog” and
“PodcastingJuice/PodFeed”, is considered as one of the largest blog
communities and podcasting service in Japan.
He is also responsible for database administration for “Cocolog”, and
has indepth experience in both PostgreSQL maintenance and MySQL
database partitioning.

Kenji Hirohama

Sumisho Computer Systems Corp.

Kenji Hirohama is a senior consultant and has worked
with Sumisho Computer Systems Corp. for 10 years.
After returning from the overseas assignment at the U.S. office,
he has focused on MySQL technologies in depth.
He is specialized in MySQL HA solution, such as MySQL Cluster,
replication, and LifeKeeper with MySQL.

Lisa Phillips

Six Apart

Lisa Phillips is Director of Operations for Six Apart. She has worked
with Six Apart for 3 years and on Livejournal.com for 5 years. In her
8 years experience as a Systems Administrator with high traffic,
large and complex internet services Lisa has found she is more
interested in hearing and talking about real experiences over
theoretical possibilities. In her spare time Lisa enjoys playing
competitive, amateur roller derby.

Garth Webb

Six Apart

Garth has been with Six Apart for 3 years and has been managing engineering on Typepad for a year and half. He’s been involved with publishing and content management software for over 9 years and has
worked with Perl for over 12 years. Working on Typepad has been a natural fit but has still provided plenty of challenges.

When not working, Garth enjoys photography, cycling, and playing guitar.

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