Mitigating Replication Latency in a Distributed Application Environment

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Clickability’s offering is the first and only commercially available, single-instance, multitenant, web content management system on the market. The service brings together multiple services into one integrated platform and delivers over 200 million pages per month across hundreds of customer web sites. The demands of delivering a platform on this scale are magnified by the flexibility that Clickability’s system provides to allow customers to create truly unique and innovative web sites.

MySQL replication is a key to Clickability’s platform’s scalability and reliability. Master-Master replication provides high availability and serviceability for the applications. Publishing web sites is a read-intensive operation, and the combination of Master-Slave replication with an application layer that intelligently splits database read and write operations allows for rapid scale out. Replication between datacenters in combination with a distributed application architect allows for global load balancing and failover.

In each replication cases, latency must be anticipated and planned for. For applications (like Clickability) that rely on high degrees of caching to maximize performance and inter process communications between application instances, managing this latency and data consistency is a non-trivial challenge. The evolution of Clickability’s architecture and application platform provide an excellent example of scale out replication practices, the subtleties of latency issues in such environments, and multiple generations of mitigation techniques. Specific items include intelligent query routing, tunable multicast messaging for multilayer cache clearing, and database based message queuing.

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Jeff Freund


Jeff Freund, Clickability, Inc.
Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Jeff designed and deployed the first and only pure-play SaaS platform for the entire web content lifecycle, from content creation to optimization. His work to launch the flagship Clickabilty cmPublish platform in 2003 has advanced and his team’s solutions will be serving over 200 million pages per month by end of 2007. In addition to the platform’s core content management and publishing capabilities, Jeff has overseen the launch of Clickability’s comprehensive suite of publishing modules, which include an ad server, newsletter services, reports, polls and surveys, and search capabilities.

With over 10 years of software and Internet experience, Jeff’s earlier posts include Western U.S. head of technology for Network Software Associates, a provider of legacy-to-web host connectivity products for enterprise customers. He collaborated on Linux cluster supercomputer projects at UCLA. Jeff received his BS and MS in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.

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