Applied Partitioning and Scaling Your Database System

Location: Ballroom D Level: Intermediate
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Need to take your OLTP database and scale it 10 or 100 times and still have it perform well? In this session you will learn how to take advantage of MySQL table partitioning to allow your database applications to scale in both size and performance. Examine practical ways to design your partitions to be reusable, efficient, and scalable. Understand the different ways to apply partitioning in MySQL 5.1, and walk through an example of hash partitioning that can be applied to most OLTP database applications. Partitioning does not have to be limited to the traditional data warehouse – it’s directly applicable to your OLTP database.

Phil Hildebrand


Phil Hildebrand has been working with a wide variety of platforms including MySQL, Oracle, Informix, and SQLServer since 1989.

Early in his career Phil was a UNIX systems programmer writing lexical analyzers for phone book pagination systems, which lead him into database design and development.

Currently Phil focuses on scaling VLDB systems on both UNIX and Windows operating systems in production environments.

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