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News and Coverage

Of Note:

The 2008 MySQL Conference & Expo has concluded. This year's show was a great success. Thank you to everyone who contributed. MySQL 2009 Conference & Expo dates are April 20-23.

Check out the highlights from the 2008 conferrence & expo:

The MySQL Conference & Expo brings over 1,600 open source and database enthusiasts together to harness the power of MySQL and celebrate the huge MySQL ecosystem.

The largest gathering of MySQL developers, users, and DBAs worldwide, the event reflects MySQL's wide-ranging appeal and capabilities. The open atmosphere of the MySQL Conference & Expo helps IT professionals and community members to create the best database applications, tools, and software through expert instruction, hands-on tutorials, readily available MySQL developers, and guru business advice. Users gain the knowledge they need to rapidly build solid applications with MySQL that scale with the enterprise.

The MySQL Conference & Expo is designed to help all participants:

  • Learn how to optimize the performance of MySQL
  • Get detailed insight into new MySQL features
  • Develop skills for scale-out using PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, .NET and Java
  • Delve into new techniques around Stored Procedures, Partitioning, HA Clustering, Triggers, and Views
  • Learn Administration and Security Best Practices
  • Hear real world experiences implementing MySQL projects
  • Discover best practices for using MySQL in a range of architectures including Web, Cluster, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Embedded applications, and more
  • Learn how MySQL fits into Web 2.0 architecture and emerging web technologies
  • Migrate from proprietary databases to MySQL, including expert sessions on MySQL for the Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server DBA
  • Learn how the MySQL Enterprise Monitor can make DBAs more productive and achieve MySQL best practices

At the MySQL Conference & Expo, you'll benefit not just from gathering with your peers and experts from a wide variety of companies and countries, but also by learning from some of the leading visionaries in the open source world. Join us April 14-17, 2008 in Santa Clara, California for the biggest and best MySQL event yet!

Need some suggestions of what sessions to attend? Read program chair Jay Pipes' Hitchhacker's Guide to the MySQL Conference - PHP Edition.