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Location: Ballroom G
Sergey Petrunya (Monty Program Ab), Igor Babaev (Monty Program)
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MariaDB has a lot of improvements to the core optimiser that powers both MySQL & MariaDB. These optimiser features all have flags which you can enable (they are disabled by default). Igor and Sergey both work on all these optimiser features on a daily basis, and will be able to go deep in-depth to explain them and why they are beneficial to end-users in general. Read more.
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Location: Ballroom G
Robin Schumacher (EnterpriseDB), Bruce Momjian (EnterpriseDB)
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PostgreSQL has much to offer today’s developers who has been charged with creating applications for Web, embedded, data warehousing, OLTP, geo-spatial, and other environments. Developers will find many flexible options at their disposal with PostgreSQL no matter what language or IDE they choose to use. Read more.
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Location: Ballroom H
John Busch (Schooner Information Technology)
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We present innovative technology developed to achieve industry-leading availability coupled with industry-leading performance for MySQL/InnoDB. Downtime is reduced by over 90% with tightly integrated, fully synchronous replication. Highly-optimized thread, lock, DRAM, and flash algorithms maximize performance.We present the technology, demonstrate management simplicity, and show benchmark results. Read more.
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Location: Ballroom G
Stewart Smith (Percona)
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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. This is part survey, part critique of the various Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability models available from various modern databases and data stores used in modern Web and Cloud environments. We'll not just look at the single machine solution but how these systems work in a distributed environment. Read more.
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Location: Ballroom H
Itamar Haber (Xeround)
mysql> EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM CLOUDSQLDB WHERE Availability=’always’ AND Scale=’auto’ AND COUNT (CloudProviders)>1; Come see a live demonstration of a highly-available and scalable cloud database – with self-healing, auto-scaling and pay-per-use – all with a click of a button. Read more.
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Location: Ballroom G
Grant McAlister (
Whether running with commodity servers on premise or in the cloud, there are many failure scenarios to protect your database against. In this session we will walk through the different types of replication possible with both self-managed MySQL deployments and managed Amazon Relational Database Service cloud deployments, understanding how they can help improve your availability and durability. Read more.
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Location: Ballroom G
Edward Archibald (Continuent)
Learn how to build scalable Database-as-a-Service with Tungsten, including: What is Tungsten & how it works, Configure Tungsten to create your own DBaaS, Implement fast, automatic database provisioning, Recover from failures through storage subsystem integration, Zero downtime maintenance & upgrades, Scale performance with SQL routing & load balancing, Replicate across sites. Read more.
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Location: Ballroom H
Kaj Arnö (SkySQL Ab)
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Kaj Arnö, executive vice president of products for SkySQL will lead a panel of strategic partners including Calpont, Linbit, ScaleDB, Webyog and Zimory in a discussion of the SkySQL Reference Architecture for deploying data infrastructure solutions for the MySQL® database. Wednesday, April 13, 11:55 a.m. Ballroom H Read more.
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