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How often do you wonder about the privileges a particular user has on databases, tables and stored procedures? Have you ever thought about which users have access to table ‘passwords’ in ‘livedb’? “Do all my users have a decent password?” and “When was it changed last?” are surely issues DBAs commonly think about, whilst hoping users are not cycling through the usual three passwords to avoid having to remember a new one. Maybe you have occasionally granted full access to all tables in a database to avoid the frustration of having to grant on tables one by one, or wondered about the mess your users and their privileges were in. Did you ever wish you could rename a user ‘paul’’’ to ’paul’‘’ or clone user’john’’localhost’ from ’fred’‘’? Then, perhaps, Securich can come to your rescue. It can easily tackle the above and much more. Securich also enables the absent roles functionality in MySQL, permits dynamic updating of roles and immediate rollout of the changes to each user.

Securich is very simple to install and update using a bash script that includes error catching and rollback in case of problems. Securich is also easy to be remove if required, a single “drop securich” command does the trick and does not change any of the rights granted to users through it.

Securich Features

  • Roles (Dynamic)
  • Password history
  • User cloning
  • Secured user (avoiding password-less accounts)
  • Configurable password complexity – length, uppercase, lowercase, special characters, dictionary check
  • The possibility to revoke privileges from a single table (grant access to all tables in a database but one)
  • User blocking / unblocking
  • Immediate revoking of Privileges and Isolation of User
  • Auditing of privileges granted / revoked
  • Auditing of role updates
  • Reconciliation between MySQL and Securich
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Darren Cassar


Darren Cassar is a MySQL community focused engineer, blogging about MySQL-related topics such as HA, replication and security on He contributes multiple scripts / projects like `securich` and `crib` helping MySQL DBAs do their job easier. Darren, a Maltese by nationality, loves to travel for both work and pleasure and is currently based in New York.

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