Fulltext Searching with a Groonga Storage Engine

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In this session, We introduce groonga Storage engine which enables for MySQL to handle fulltext search lightly.

groonga is a library which have storages and indexes for fast fulltext searching. The backend of groonga Storage Engine is groonga library. With groonga Storage Engine, you can use datas in groonga as a usual MySQL tables.

Tetsuro Ikeda

Sumisho Computer Sytems Corporation

Project manager and developer of “groonga storage engine”.


Photo of Kentoku SHIBA

Kentoku SHIBA


I am a Storage Engine Developer for MySQL in Japan, and the
original developer of the Spider Storage Engine and Vertical Partitioning Storage Engine.

Spider Storage Engine and Vertical Partitioning Storage Engine are being offered to the public by GPL.

Photo of Daijiro MORI

Daijiro MORI


One of primary authors of Senna/groonga which are embeddable fulltext search engine.

Photo of Tasuku SUENAGA


Brazil, Inc.

I am a search engine library, groonga, developer in Japan. I participate in developing Groonga Storage Engine.

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Picture of Tasuku SUENAGA
01/27/2011 8:59pm PST

High accuracy is the primary difference Sphinx and Groonga.

For example, word ‘mentally’ is handled as same as ‘dfns’ in Sphinx in spite of same word hash value. You can search “This is it” with groonga because of no stop words in groonga.

Picture of Juan-Carlos Sanchez
Juan-Carlos Sanchez
01/26/2011 4:12pm PST

This sounds great! In your view, what’s the primary difference between Sphinx and Groonga?

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