Performance comparisons and trade-offs for various MySQL replication schemes

MySQL solutions present various choices for replication, including

  • MySQL replication: asynchronous, semi-synchronous, synchronous
  • GoldenGate, Continuent
  • DRBD and other block-level replication

Consistency and reliability improves when moving from asynchronous to semi-synchronous to synchronous replication, however at the cost of inflexibility. DRDB and other synchronous block-level replication in storage ensure the best chances for no data-loss, however at the cost of service unavailability during the time failed-over instance recovers. Local vs wide area network require different replication architectures due to the increased network latency with WAN.

This session will share data from open-source benchmarks and results to compare performance across parameters such as workload, reads:writes ratio, response-time, consistency, fail-over, service continuity, throughput, network and cluster size. It will help capture the right system and MySQL metrics in order to understand a workload and its behavior during replication.

The purpose of this session is awareness and learning. Users will be able to run the benchmarks independently to determine how their workload behaves in their own environment.

Photo of Darpan Dinker

Darpan Dinker

Schooner Information Technology, Inc.

Darpan Dinker is Vice President of Engineering at Schooner Information Technology. He works closely with the database team that works on integration and optimization of emerging technologies such as high-speed replication, Flash memory and multi-core processors with databases to solve complex problems relating to high availability, scalability, high performance, TCO and above all taking the pain away from MySQL administration.

Prior to Schooner, Darpan held various engineering and leadership roles at Sun Labs, Sun Microsystems, iPlanet, Netscape, Fujitsu and consulting roles at various Fortune 500 companies. His work has resulted in eleven issued patents and published technical papers.

Brian O’Krafka

Schooner Information Technology

Brian O’Krafka is a Vice President and fellow at Schooner Information Technology, focusing on the performance analysis of clustered services for internet data centers. Before joining Schooner, Brian spent eight years at IBM and seven years at Sun working on multiprocessor verification and performance analysis. Brian has a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.

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