OQGRAPH: Dealing with Graphs and Hierarchies in Plain SQL

We have graphs for social networking and other complex structures, and some specialised tools to store and traverse them. But all our other data is conveniently in MySQL already…

We all know that SQL databases are unsuitable for handling these types of structures! Or are they? Well, not quite. Some can do this stuff, just as efficiently as a native graph store – because well, they are equally native, but with the convenient SQL interface and ability to join on to your other data. Isn’t that something?

Antony shows the OQGRAPH engine which he co-implemented with Arjen Lentz of Open Query. OQGRAPH was integrated in to MariaDB 5.2. Antony shows exactly how the engine works (and the code is all GPL) and what kinds of funky things you can now do!

Photo of Antony Curtis

Antony Curtis

Blizzard Entertainment

Antony Curtis is an advocate of Open Source software and long-time user of alternative operating systems. His involvement with MySQL spans 10 years and he was a software developer for MySQL AB from 2003 to 2008. He currently lives in Los Angeles, working for Blizzard Entertainment.

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