MySQL or NoSQL...That is the Question

Moderated by: Dr. John Busch
Location: Ballroom B Level:
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In order to handle the high scale, performance and availability requirements of Web 2.0 and cloud computing, an industry trend has emerged, labeled “NoSQL,” focused on providing simplified scalable data stores. This movement has produced a broad set of open source projects, including key value stores (e.g. Redis, Scalaris, Voldemort, Tokyo Tyrant), document stores (e.g. CouchDB, MongoDB) and extensible record stores (e.g. HBase, HyperTable, Cassandra). These NoSQL projects have a common thrust toward providing a call level interface with limited queries, fast indexes distributed over multiple nodes, location transparency (auto-sharding), replication and dynamic attributes/schemas. They differ in their programmatic, data and consistency models, and in their realized performance, scalability, availability and extensibility.

In this panel, Dr. John Busch, co-founder and chief technology officer, Schooner Information Tech will moderate a panel to discuss:
• The current landscape of NoSQL solutions;
• The advantages and disadvantages of each; and
• Projections on the future of the NoSQL movement.

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  • Kickfire
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