Practical Partitioning With MySQL

Architecture and Technology
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Learn when to use MySQL partitioning and why. Get answer to the questions such as:

  • Why would I use MySQL partitioning if I do not do Data Warehousing?
  • Can I have too many partitions?
  • Should I use indexes with my partitions?
  • Why would I want to make a unique index non-unique when using partitions?
  • Which partitioning strategy will work best to solve my problem?

While MySQL partitioning can often dramatically improve performance and scaling in many database solutions, in can also cause heartaches and pain if implemented incorrectly. Often a new mindset that focuses more on partitions and less on indexes is needed in designing and implementing a large scale data warehouse. In addition, partitioning can be used in other, non data warehouse solutions, to greatly improve both performance and uptime of common OLTP systems. Implemented wrong, partitioning can cause more problems than it solves, implemented right, it can dramatically improve performance and lower the load on your system.

Brian Miezejewski


Brian is a manager in MySQL professional services that still finds time to deliver services to MySQL clients. He currently leads the MySQL PS storage engine and migration practices. He has over 25 years of experience in database design, engineering and usage.

His experience includes:

  • lead architect for the ZFour database system,
  • Senior Principal Architect for the American Airlines enterprise data warehouse,
  • and Director of database systems for

While he claims to be mainly a C++/OO architect and developer he has also found time to build several data warehouses up to 12TB in size, design large scale Java/XML based web systems, and work with many of MySQL’s largest users. He has designed, built, and managed database systems on MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Informix, and a few other databases nobody remembers anymore. Brian’s hobby is ping pong and trying to grok why Object Relational Databases were never successful.

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Picture of Rick James
Rick James
04/15/2010 8:52am PDT

Mostly on-target (When to partition), but ran out of time, perhaps because of having too much ‘overview’.

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