Galera - Synchronous Multi-master Replication For InnoDB

Replication and Scale-Out
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Galera is synchronous multi-master replication method, using certification based technology for conflict resolution. This replication method brings nice features like:

  • High Availability
    Transaction commit will be synchronously enforced in every server
    in the cluster. This gives “no commit lost” guarantee for the
  • Performance
    Galera replicates RBR (row based replication) events and this has
    proven out to be very efficient. Galera can scale even with SQL
    work load which is 100% writes.
  • Transparency
    Clients connect directly to one of the MySQL/InnoDB servers in
    the cluster and experience close to native InnoDB behavior.

Codership has integrated Galera replication in the InnoDB storage engine, and the resulting MySQL/Galera cluster product has been published as a production-ready GA release in December 2009.
MySQL/Galera release 0.7 is open source and is available in Codership and launchpad sites.

The presentation will give on overview of Galera replication and show how Galera can be taken in production and managed. Presentation has following agenda:

1. Galera Replication Overview

  • Galera cluster architecture, Replication API
  • What type of work load Galera replication is good for
  • How DDL replication works

2. Replication use cases

  • Possible replication topologies
  • Galera in cloud
  • WAN replication with Galera

3. Client connectivity

  • Options for connecting to Galera cluster
  • Load balancer options
  • Transparency walk through – differences with native MySQL

4. Management

  • Installing Galera cluster
  • Options for managing and monitoring Galera cluster
  • Galera statistics explained

5. Benchmark results

  • Our experiments with Galera cluster
  • Some results from: sysbench, DBT2 and 100% insert tests

6. Project status and road map

  • Status of current release
  • Feedback from the community
  • Road map

Seppo Jaakola


Master of Science in software engineering (HUT)

20 years experience in software engineering and R&D management in various organizations. Experience from:

  • DBMS research and engine development
  • Distributed computing, networking
  • Data security, firewall, network management

Current position as partner and CEO at Codership providing consultation for MySQL users and implementing high performance replication solutions for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Previous employments include:

  • Continuent – R&D for MySQL clustering solutions
  • Stonesoft – developing firewall and IPS clusters, DBMS R&D
  • Logica – developing traffic information systems
Photo of Alexey Yurchenko

Alexey Yurchenko


Alex started his career in DBMS clustering development in 2003 at Continuent, where he was hooked up on synchronous replication. After that he joined R&D team at Meshcom Inc, learning the ways of mesh networking, embedded SW development and Scrum process management. There he got this crazy idea that running a software company can be fun and joined as a partner in Codership, specializing in group communication system development.

In his former life he held a Masters Degree in Astronomy from SUNY at Stony Brook and worked as a software engineer at Budker Institute for Nuclear Physics .

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