MySQL Cluster: An Introduction

General, MySQL Cluster and High Availability
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Lets unleash MySQL Cluster information on people by starting with the
very basics! There will be a few talks about Cluster at the MySQL Conference&Expo, but just like other years, there might be one missing: a basic introduction into MySQL Cluster!

Imagine your beautiful data blown away by a hard drive crash. Imagine
a backup gone wrong and not restorable. And what if a rack goes up in flames? MySQL Cluster is a tool which can help your and your customer’s business or project to be up almost around the clock, around the year. If implemented well, it might even get your DBAs that well deserved vacation! Making your data highly available is not only a question of using the right software. It is also about hardware, people, training, and planning.

This talk will give you an idea on what great tool MySQL Cluster and how it can help you reach high availability. We’ll show you how it works without going to much in the technical details. Showing off where it make sense to deploy, and stress points where you should not use Cluster (yet).

Hopefully, you’ll be armed with enough knowledge to go to, for example, the more advanced topics discussed at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2010.

Contents (tentative):

  • Positioning the MySQL Cluster storage engine: where does data live?
  • Why would you use MySQL Cluster? When not?
  • Explaining each node: what it does, how much you need.
  • Node failures, split brains,.. explained.
  • Overview of documentation and where to get the software and source code.
  • High Availability: it’s not only about the software!
Photo of Geert Vanderkelen

Geert Vanderkelen

Sun Microsystems

Geert Vanderkelen is a member of the MySQL Support Team at Sun Microsystems. He is based in Germany and has worked for MySQL AB since April, 2005.

Before joining MySQL he worked as developer, DBA and SysAdmin for various companies in Belgium and Germany.

Today Geert specializes in MySQL Cluster and works together with colleagues around the world to ensure continued support for both customers and community. He’s also the maintainer of Sun’s MySQL Connector/Python.

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Sheeri K. Cabral
04/16/2010 8:54am PDT

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