Craig Kaplan

Craig Kaplan
Founder and CEO, PredictWallStreet, Inc.

Dr. Kaplan is Founder and CEO of PredictWallStreet Inc., a Silicon Valley company specializing in applications that process the collective intelligence of online investors to generate an edge in the market. Previously, Dr. Kaplan spent twelve years as CEO of iQ Company and has also worked at IBM and at the University of California Santa Cruz as a visiting professor in Computer Science. Dr. Kaplan holds MS and PhD degrees from Carnegie Mellon University where he co-authored papers with a Nobel-Prize winning economist. He is a member of the scientific research society Sigma Xi and has authored and co-authored more than 30 publications, including a book and eight patents in the software field.


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Joana Jones (LendIt), Craig Kaplan (PredictWallStreet, Inc. ), Adam Siegel (Inkling Markets), Justin Wolfers (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), Alex Forshaw (The Tradesports Political Maven)
There is no denying the appeal of web-based prediction markets. They are the Web 2.0 notion of wisdom of crowds in action, with a knack for out-predicting experts on elections and sporting events. But can they ever outperform the biggest and most liquid prediction market of them all, the stock market? Read more.

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