Michiel de Boer

Michiel de Boer
Director of Product Development, Zecco

Website | @michieldeboer

Michiel de Boer, PhD, is director of product development at Zecco.com, the online trading and investment community. He has extensive experience with new business development and entrepreneurial processes at both established and start-up firms. During the first digital wave in the 1990s, he conducted his doctoral research at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam into the impact of multimedia on the publishing industry. During the turbulent times of digitalization impacting the photo imaging industry, he was managing director at the Technotape Group, a multi-national supplier to this industry. In between, he has acted as consultant with Gemini Consulting as well as independently to a wide variety of industries and companies dealing with strategic change.


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Jimmy Guterman (O'Reilly Media, Inc. ), Ken Kam (Marketocracy), Steven A. Carpenter (Cake Financial), Weiting Liu (SocialPicks), Richard 'Rikki' Tahta (Covestor), Michiel de Boer (Zecco)
The stock market has long been seen as the antithesis of sharing. There is only so much money to be made, so why would you tell anyone else your good ideas? How, then, do we explain the rise of a host of new web-based services predicated on sharing information about trades and stocks? Read more.

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