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Changes in the size, speed, and capabilities of databases underlie every major technology change in capital markets. Entrepreneur and computer scientist Michael Stonebraker will discuss what it all means—on and off Wall Street.
Data is oxygen for stock markets. The trouble is, interesting new data is increasingly scarce, and existing data—like financial and earnings figures—are like mines picked over the point of exhaustion. Enter the Web.
Travel is one of the most technology-enabled industries, with a rapidly increasing amount of information exposed through travel-related sites. What can be done with this data? Rick Seaney will show us.
Technology has transformed investment and trading over the past 30 years. Markets have become computer networks, brokers are disintermediated by direct access and algo trading. Reporters are disintermediated when investors have access to primary sources at the same time they do.
About a year ago, we started generating stock ratings from the collective wisdom of the Motley Fool community and Wall Street analysts. In a little more than a year, we’ve collected ~1.5 million stock recommendations on over 7000 stocks. 5300 stocks have met our threshold for achieving a CAPS rating. But can community-generated stock ratings benefit your stock research?
Back in the 1980s, computer scientist and hacker Steve Skiena thought of a great way to beat jai-alai markets. Trouble was, it required faster computers and more data than he had at the time. That changed in the late 1990s, as Skiena exploited faster computers and web-based data to beat jai-alai markets, at least for a while.
Markets are all about changes, about what is different now then what was going on ten minutes ago—and about what’s different from what people expected. Panopticon’s visualization tools process the motherlode of news data from Bloomberg, Reuters, and other real time sources to produce a fascinating picture of what’s different and what matters.
AGORACOM is a second-generation financial community that has successfully eliminated epidemic levels of spam, bashing and profanity that plagued first-generation communities.

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