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About a year ago, we started generating stock ratings from the collective wisdom of the Motley Fool community and Wall Street analysts. In a little more than a year, we’ve collected ~1.5 million stock recommendations on over 7000 stocks. 5300 stocks have met our threshold for achieving a CAPS rating. But can community-generated stock ratings benefit your stock research?

CAPS 5-star stocks exhibited superior outperformance of the market averages, CAPS 1-star stocks exhibited superior underperformance of the market averages, and everything in between did about what you’d expect. Four stars beat two stars, and three stars slightly outperformed the market. We recently wrote an article on the first year results of our star ratings.

Why do we think that stock ratings driven by a community of Fools matter? What have we learned by analyzing the performance of our CAPS stock ratings over the first year? What’s next?

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John Keeling

Motley Fool CAPS

As the senior vice president in charge of Motley Fool CAPS, John Keeling oversees all areas of the service, including product development, analytics and research, business and partner development. Prior to joining The Motley Fool John spent eight years at AOL, where he developed and launched AOL’s Personalization Services, including AOL Personal Finance, My AOL, AOL Alerts, AOL Certified Mail, and AOL Wireless and Voice Portals. He has patents filed for secure email and instant messaging inventions. At Netscape Communications, John developed messaging services for a wide range of clients including the, and an email alerts platform for Charles Schwab. John has a B.A. and M.A. from Virginia Tech and PhD(ABD) from Stanford University.


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