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Everyone talks about the weather, including investors. Weather data isn’t just for weather geeks anymore, with it rapidly becoming a crucial source of data about retail trends, hurricanes, catastrophe bonds, event insurance, resort traffic, and on and on. And with the rise of web-based data and related services, it is finally cheap and realtime too.

How do you separate the weather signal from the noise? If you can’t do anything about the weather, how do you make money from it?

Photo of David Friedberg

David Friedberg

The Climate Corporation

David Friedberg currently serves as the CEO of The Climate Corporation, having founded the company in 2006. Prior to founding The Climate Corporation, David was with Google, where he joined as one of the founding members of the company’s Corprate Development team. David managed a number of strategic projects for Google, including identifying and leading several of Google’s largest acquisitions. David also served as a Business Product Manager for AdWords – Google’s primary revenue source. Prior to Google, David spent several years working in private equity and investment banking. He has invested in and advised dozens of companies in the technology industry. Earlier, David worked at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he led several projects as a mathematical programmer. David received his BA in Astrophysics from UC Berkeley.

Photo of Michael Ferrari

Michael Ferrari

Computer Sciences Corporation

Michael Ferrari is the Director of Climate Informatics and Senior Scientist at CSC, where he is working with the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on developing commercial tools and applications from their data and models. He also serves on the American Meteorological Society Board of Societal Impacts of Weather and Climate. For the past five years, Michael served as the vice president and director of applied research at Weather Trends International. His primary research interests lie at the interface of climate science, environmental modeling/analysis, and the subsequent development of commercial applications that can benefit from this research. Michael is a frequent speaker at both scientific and commodity conferences around the world, where his talks focus on the confluence of weather, climate and their relationship to society, with a particular emphasis on weather and agriculture/energy considerations, extreme events, risk quantification and natural hazards. In addition, he builds data-driven tools for the physical commodity and risk management sectors utilizing global weather, satellite-derived, economic and sensor network data. Michael holds a PhD in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Evolutionary Biology from Rutgers. Follow him on Twitter: @aeroculus.

Photo of Robert S.  Marshall

Robert S. Marshall


Bob Marshall co-founded AWS Convergence Technologies, owner and operator of the
WeatherBug brand, in 1993 and currently serves as company President and CEO.
Marshall pioneered the networking of weather instrumentation and cameras using
the Internet-parlaying this capability into the single, largest network of
weather stations and Internet cameras and one of the largest private weather
companies in the world.

Under Marshall’s leadership, WeatherBug formed a strategic public/private
partnership with NOAA’s National Weather Service, whereby the federal government
relies on WeatherBug data for mission critical severe weather alerting and
homeland security response. WeatherBug’s professional solutions are also relied
upon by more than 100 state and local government agencies, energy traders,
electric utilities, schools, broadcast media partners and businesses.
Additionally, WeatherBug is a leading digital media property as the number one
provider of weather on mobile phones across all US carriers and a top four news
and information site on the Web with more than 16 million monthly unique users,
as reported by comScore Media Metrix – November 2007.

Prior to launching AWS, Marshall served as a program manager and lead engineer
at BBN (formerly Bolt, Beranek and Newman, the company credited with starting
the Internet) on a number of advanced military sensor, signal processing and
networking programs.

Marshall is a cum laude graduate of the University of Maryland, College of


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