Sure, Data, Data Everywhere, But Is Any of It Any Good?

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In the current web-based data explosion, buyers and sellers of financial data are struggling to stay relevant and ahead. What data matters any more? What doesn’t? How do you know? Where do you look?

These are the kind of questions being wrestled with at Thomson, the largest information company on the planet, and Barclay’s Global, the largest money manager in the world. We’ll do a deep dive into the future of data, web-based and otherwise.

Photo of Keith Ackerman

Keith Ackerman

Thomson Financial

Keith Ackerman is Global Head of Next Generation Research for Thomson Financial and a recognized expert in global information services content, data and electronic transactions. At Thomson Financial, Mr. Ackerman has a variety of leadership roles and responsibilities including the Thomson Financial Primary Research business, managing the Global Contributor Team, and he is a member of the management team for Thomson Financial’s Investment Management business.

Prior to joining to Thomson Financial, Mr. Ackerman was the Chief Executive Officer of BNY Jaywalk LLC and President and COO of BNY Commission Management Solutions LLC – both former subsidiaries of The Bank of New York. These sister companies provide outsourced technology, content networks, performance measurement, and payment agent services to different customer bases within the financial services community.

Before the Bank of New York, Mr. Ackerman
was Senior Vice President of Instinet Corporation (a former subsidiary of Reuters Plc.) At Instinet, Mr. Ackerman transformed its global research business into a provider of content, data, and industry expert networks via commercial partnerships with speciality firms located around the globe.

In the years before Instinet, Mr. Ackerman served on the management team of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ global strategy/business development unit and was President of a wholly owned Price Waterhouse subsidiary that created and sold risk management products to the Fortune 500. Previously, Mr. Ackerman was Managing Director of a specialized, privately held information services company and worked for two New York Stock Exchange member firms engaged in, among other things, initial public offerings and bridge financings for medium capitalization technology based companies.

Mr. Ackerman holds an MBA from the Fordham University Graduate School of Business and a BA from Tufts University.

Photo of Eric Christiansen

Eric Christiansen

Barclays Global Investors

Eric is Data Strategy Officer for the Global Advanced Active group of Barclays Global Investors. He has been working with financial data as reference data and as fuel for large institutional quantitative investment strategies for more than 15 year.

Eric supported the transformation of one of the world’s largest index managers to a firm that is now also one of the worlds largest active fund managers. Eric is responsible for maintaining a data strategy that gives Barclays Global Investors researchers and fund managers a competitive edge in the never ending quest to beat the market. Eric has front line experience working with market data, fundamental data, analyst data and economic data from scores of data vendors.

Before working in the finance industry Eric worked on Air Defense systems for several aerospace companies including ITT Defense, Hughes Ground Systems and others.

Eric has a BS in Computer Science from West Coast University.


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