Learning to Think Like a Financial Markets Hacker

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Wall Street is largely populated by hackers. For the first time, however, hackers increasingly run the show. Major funds, like Renaissance Technologies, are run by ex-computer scientists, and they are among the hottest firms on Wall Street.

How do these financial markets hackers think? Where do they look for data? How do they find an edge?

We’ll hear about untangling web addresses, monitoring wireless traffic, and all sorts of leading-edge gambits for hacking Wall Street. Where are the opportunities? What works? What doesn’t any more?

Photo of Steve G. Steinberg

Steve G. Steinberg

Steinberg Consulting

Steve G. Steinberg (steve at steinberg.org), principal of Steinberg Consulting, is currently retained by a New York investment firm where he acts as a technology trend-spotter. He also founded and led the fund’s quantitative research group, created their online portfolio system, and assisted on many other projects. Mr. Steinberg graduated from UC Berkeley with a master’s degree in computer science and worked as an embedded software developer in Santa Barbara and Tokyo. He has extensive experience in computer security, from membership in the notoriously exclusive Legion of Doom as a teenager, to founding the penetration testing lab at a “big-four” consulting firm in 1992. Steve has also written about technology for the Los Angeles Times, The Industry Standard, and Wired, including the seminal “Netheads vs. Bellheads” essay (Wired 4.10, 1996).


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