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The first Money:Tech has concluded. Check out the conference presentation slides, select video footage, news and photos for more about the event.

Money:Tech is your key to hacking Wall Street, giving you new data, new tools, and new approaches to money and investing.

"The timeliness of Money:Tech is not only because 'Web 2.0' technologies and business models have reached critical mass in the financial markets. It is also because, as driven by the Web more generally, the frontier between human and machine-decision making has become radically problematic."
--Bill Janeway, Warburg Pincus, LLC Read more

Money and technology are inseparable. Massive new tradable data sets are being exposed by the Web; new bottoms-up social networks are creating alternative ways of discovering investing ideas; a rising percentage of newswire content is being written and consumed by machines; new classes of monitoring services are revealing deep data that might otherwise go unnoticed and untraded for weeks; and real-time itself is being redefined.

"The conference is, of course, all about the confluence of Wall Street and Web 2.0. And what does that mean? Well, new ways of Web-2.0-style collaborating are changing money and investing, with the zero-sum game of Wall Street changing in the process. At the same time market mashups with new sources of web-based data -- auctions! real estate! pricing! weather! -- are transforming the never-ending hunt for a money-making edge."
Read more from program chair Paul Kedrosky on his blog, Infectious Greed

O'Reilly Money:Tech will be a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities the wave of finance-related technological change is creating, and how Wall Street is pushing the technology envelope. The conference will bring together institutional and professional investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, technologists, academics, and high-profile speakers to uncover the opportunities created by rapid change in money and markets. Featured speakers include:

With current fund managers over-exploiting the same sources of trading data, where will alpha come from in the future? Will it be weather data? Data from Edgar filings? From the Web? Or from social networks? Where are the entrepreneurial opportunities in becoming next-generation providers of financial data? Where are the real opportunities at the confluence of money and technology?

These are big and crucial questions, with trillions of dollars at stake, and the timing feels right. Like everyone else, we'd rather the markets were a bit less uncertain. But it's in times like these that new sources of data can make a difference. Mathematical models can be wrong, but new sources of data can provide actual insight into breaking trends from the real world. The lessons of this conference can be more appropriate now than ever.

Learn more about the first O'Reilly Money:Tech Conference.

View a discussion between program chair Paul Kedrosky and O'Reilly Media CEO Tim O'Reilly outlining some of the issues Money:Tech will address (from Web 2.0 Summit 2007).

"If the parallels between Web 2.0 and Wall Street are correct, we can divine some of the future Web 2.0 trends by watching what's already happened on Wall Street. Financial markets are both much bigger and much more valuable than Web 2.0, and have been around a lot longer, but show many of the same patterns."
Read more of what Tim O'Reilly has to say on the O'Reilly Radar.

As a thought leader positioned at the intersection of technology and other disciplines, O'Reilly is uniquely positioned to suss out the new technologies and methodologies that are transforming how money—and information—changes hands.


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