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Matt Greenwood

Matt Greenwood
Chief Inspiration Officer, Two Sigma Investments


Matt is the Chief Innovation Officer at Two Sigma Investments. Since joining Two Sigma in 2003, he has led company-wide efforts across both engineering and modeling teams. Matt oversees development of BeakerX, which extends Jupyter Notebook to support to six languages, additional widgets, and one-click publication. Matt is also a board member and Venture Partner at Two Sigma Ventures and works closely with portfolio companies in both board membership and advisory capacities.

Matt began his career at Bell Labs and later moved to IBM Research, where he was responsible for early efforts in tablet computing and distributed computing. In 2000, Matt was lead developer and manager for Entrisphere, Inc., where he helped create a product providing access equipment for broadband service providers. Matt earned a BA and MA in Math from Oxford University, and an MA in Theoretical Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He also holds a PhD in Mathematics from Columbia University, where he taught for many years.


1:50pm–2:30pm Thursday, August 23, 2018
Community, JupyterCon Business Summit
Location: Concourse A: Business Summit Level: Non-technical
Matt Greenwood (Two Sigma Investments)
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Matt Greenwood explains why Two Sigma, a company in a space notorious for protecting IP, thinks it's important to contribute to the open source community. Matt covers the evolution of Two Sigma's thinking and policies over the past five years and makes a case for why other companies should make a commitment to the open source ecosystem. Read more.