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August 22-23, 2017: Training
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Meet the Expert with Gunjan Baid (UC Berkeley)

Gunjan Baid (UC Berkeley)
11:05am–11:45am Friday, August 25, 2017
Location: O'Reilly Booth - Table 1

Chat with Gunjan about the use of Jupyter notebooks in education and how to use these tools more effectively in classrooms.

Photo of Gunjan Baid

Gunjan Baid

UC Berkeley

Gunjan Baid is a student at University of California, Berkeley. She completed her bachelor’s degree in computer science and biochemistry and is now pursuing a master’s degree in computer science with a research focus on computational biology. Gunjan is associated with the undergraduate Data Science education program, where as a student instructor, she worked with Jupyter notebooks in the classroom and now provides technical support for the program’s JupyterHub infrastructure.