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The official Jupyter Conference
August 22-23, 2017: Training
August 23-25, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Driving Jupyter: Hands-On Jupyter Demos and the National Transportation Data Challenge Presented by, the Regional Big Data Innovation Hubs, and partners

Moderated by: Dave Goodsmith, Meredith Lee, Rene Baston, and Edgar Fuller

A demonstration station will feature donated cloud computing resources from, Amazon Web Services, GoogleCloud, Satori, and other partners in live executable Jupyter-based notebooks. Come by the poster/demo station to chat with us about:

  • How to leverage cloud computing resources and Waze data to analyze the impact of traffic safety interventions
  • Examples for using U.S. Department of Transportation crash statistics to create predictive models of risk factors
  • Projects using tensor flow and neural networks to evaluate video information for early warnings of distracted driving
  • How to get involved in the National Transportation Data Challenge — a series of community problem-solving sessions, hackathons, and activities across the U.S. aiming to reduce traffic fatalities.