June 15–18, 2020

Interactive sessions

New: Interactive sessions (powered by Katacoda and Jupyter Notebooks) give you the chance to manipulate technology in real time to discover how it works. You’ll input, edit, run code and render live results as you learn with guided instruction.

Wednesday, June 17

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Location: Ballroom G & H
Olivia Liddell (Amazon Web Services)
Join Olivia Liddell to explore some of the most common issues on the OWASP Top 10 list of most critical web application security risks. You’ll get hands-on practice with finding bugs in the Hacker101 Capture the Flag exercises by applying what you’ve learned about web application vulnerabilities and looking for ways to intentionally bypass security controls. Read more.

Thursday, June 18

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Location: Ballroom G & H
Salman Iqbal (Learnk8s)
One of the hurdles when developing ML models is designing end-to-end pipelines that can operate at scale. Setting up and maintaining infrastructure takes time away from training and developing the models. Salman Iqbal walks you through using Kubeflow, an open source Kubernetes-based platform, to develop ML models to make repeatable deployments on diverse infrastructure at scale. Read more.
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Location: Ballroom G & H
Paul Stack (Pulumi)
Paul Stack demonstrates why writing infrastructure in general programming languages is a better way to manage your infrastructure. You'll also learn how to build infrastructure that manages serverless, Kubernetes, and PaaS and IaaS systems across multiple cloud providers. Read more.

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