June 15–18, 2020

Conference Learning Paths

Pick what you want to learn over four days. And take clear steps toward it.

Maybe you want to learn the fundamentals of a particular technology. Perhaps you'd prefer to hone your skills and master a more advanced concept. Wouldn't it be nice if someone put together a schedule with all the sessions and training courses* you'd need to take while at O'Reilly Infrastructure & Ops Conference? Good news: We did.

The conference learning paths listed below each provide a distinct chronological path to gain a solid understanding of a specific topic. Develop your skills by attending the suggested sessions, many of which feature case studies covering real-world solutions or expert-led interactive workshops so you can get hands-on with a technology in a live dev environment. Then take what you learn and immediately apply it at work. Below are the conference learning paths available at this year's Infrastructure & Ops.

* A Training pass is required to attend training courses.

Moving to Microservices

Sure, you know all about the benefits of a microservice architecture. But where, how, and when do you adopt it—if at all?

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Kubernetes and Cloud Native Apps

Kubernetes has revolutionized software development. Learn how to make the most of it.

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Mastering Cloud

Whether you've already moved to the cloud but still aren't seeing the benefits you hoped for, or you're mid-migration and want to avoid the horror stories you've heard about, start here.

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Leveraging AI

Discover how to deploy and support AI- and ML-based applications and best leverage your data.

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Improving Performance and Reliability

Understand how to bridge the gap between development and operations in order to optimize the performance, reliability, and resilience of your infrastructure.

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Understanding Observability

Today it's critical to adopt a solid observability practice in order to successfully maintain your systems, but it can often be hard to determine the tools and methods that will serve you best.

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Baking In Security

Want to take your security skills to the next level, but aren’t quite sure where to begin? Discover how to better assess threats and develop a security-aware mindset.

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