GSP West 2008 Speakers

New speakers are still being confirmed. Please check back often to see the latest additions to the GSP West program.

Dan Ackerman-Greenberg
Dan Ackerman-Greenberg (Stanford University / 750 Industries)

Dan Ackerman Greenberg is a co-founder of 750 Industries, a company that builds social applications for Facebook and other social platforms. He is also co-founder of The Comotion Group, a viral marketing company that specializes in seeding and marketing viral videos online.

Dan helped teach the 2007 Stanford “Facebook” Class with Dave McClure and BJ Fogg.

Dan graduated with a BA in Economics from Stanford University in 2007. He recently dropped out of a Stanford Masters program in Management Science & Engineering to work full time building his company.

Zach Allia
Zach Allia (Free Gifts)

Zach Allia is the founder/developer of the Free Gifts application on Facebook. Free Gifts started as a simple play on the Facebook application “Gifts.” However, Zach turned Free Gifts into a really fun and engaging application, creating a very loyal following. Zach, originally from Boston, now lives in Palo Alto, CA and is a co-founder of the Social Gaming Network.

Jessica Alter
Jessica Alter (Bebo)

Jessica is Director of Platform and Business Development at Bebo. She leads the platform strategy and community at Bebo as well as multiple business development efforts. Prior to Bebo Jessica worked in business development at Hands-On Mobile. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from University of Michigan and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Sean Ammirati
Sean Ammirati (mSpoke / ReadWriteWeb)

Currently, Sean is the VP of Business Development & Product Management at mSpoke, Inc. Sean also regularly contributes to the influential Read/WriteWeb blog and hosts the weekly podcast Read/WriteTalk. Once an aspiring programmer, Sean has found his niche as a new technology evangelist. Currently, this manifests itself in his passion for helping publishers revitalize their online content with mSpoke’s adaptive personalization solutions. Prior to co-founding mSpoke, Sean was a research fellow at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Industry Center and served on the Editorial Advisory Board and as a columnist for Information Week. He holds a B. S. in Computer Information Systems from Grove City College.

R. Tyler Ballance
R. Tyler Ballance (

At the age of 22, Tyler is already well known as the lead developer of Slide’s Top Friends application, one of the most popular applications on Facebook and Bebo with millions of daily active users. He also developed several other Slide applications, including Fortune Cookie and Famous Quotes.

Tyler has been developing software professionally since the age of 18, when he founded a Mac software and consulting company named bleep. He dropped out of Texas A&M University, where he studied computer engineering, to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit. When he’s not writing code, Tyler actively contributes to the open source community and his own blog, the Unethical Blogger. Plus, he has a killer virtual backhand with a Wii Tennis score of over 2300.

Jason Beckerman
Jason Beckerman (Teach The People, Dank Apps)

Jason Beckerman is Founder and CEO of Teach The People, a company dedicated to democratizing education by creating a people powered university marketplace. Jason is also the founder and CEO of Dank Apps, makers of the Facebook application The Lotto, recently funded by Bay Partners. The Lotto is a social contest that gives away up to $5000 daily. Jason has worked for various financial institutions and startups throughout his career including Merrill Lynch, Paytrust, Island ECN, Instinet, Albridge Solutions, Siebel, and In his time at, Jason managed the release process for the largest on-demand CRM roll out in the history of SAAS. Jason holds a BS in Entrepreneurship and Information Systems from Quinnipiac University and a Masters in... Read More.

Jim Benedetto
Jim Benedetto (MySpace)

Jim Benedetto is the Vice President of Technology and one of the original architects of MySpace, the world’s most popular social networking and lifestyle portal on the Internet. In this position Benedetto oversees the daily technical operations, overall architecture and technological direction of MySpace and continues to help the site reach its full potential.

Since joining MySpace in November 2003 Benedetto’s expertise in distributed architectures, database technologies, storage and scalability helped MySpace grow to more than 115 million unique users per month, and more than 23 localized sites worldwide. Benedetto continues to be a key influential player in the ongoing success of MySpace.

Prior to MySpace, Jim was a highly recognized consultant in database design and architecture. He holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration... Read More.

Patrick Chanezon

Patrick Chanezon is member of the technical staff at Docker Inc., where he helps to build Docker, an open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins. A software developer and storyteller, Patrick spent 10 years building platforms at Netscape and Sun and 10 more evangelizing platforms at Google, VMware, and Microsoft. His main professional interest is in building and kickstarting the network effect for these wondrous two-sided markets called platforms. Patrick has worked on platforms for portals, ads, commerce, social, the Web, distributed apps, and the cloud.

Andrew Chen
Andrew Chen (Futuristic Play)

Andrew Chen is a blogger and startup executive focused on advertising and social media. He writes the blog Futuristic Play ( and was most recently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV), a Silicon Valley-based firm with $2B under management. At MDV, Andrew pursued initiatives in digital media and advertising, and was instrumental in MDV’s $20MM investment in, the leading social network for international audiences with 75 million registered users.

Prior to MDV, Andrew was director of product marketing at Revenue Science, where he co-founded the ad network business and was instrumental in growing the network to thousands of websites with over 5 billion ads served per month. He also led teams to handle the company’s initiatives around MySpace and Yahoo,... Read More.

Jeff Clavier
Jeff Clavier (Softtech VC)

Based in Palo Alto, California, Jean-Francois “Jeff” Clavier is the Founder and Managing Partner of SoftTech VC, one of the most active seed stage investors in Web 2.0 startups. Since 2004, Jeff has invested in more than 20 consumer Internet companies developing new concepts (such as social media) or revisiting “old” ideas with a new set of economics and technologies. In 2007, Jeff was recognized as one of the 13 “Web 2.0 King Makers” by Business 2.0, and is often noted for his investments in categories such as “passion-centric communities,” or for having already sold five of his companies in the past two years through successful M&As. Jeff’s 19 years of operational, entrepreneurial and venture capital experience enable him to add relevant perspective and value... Read More.

Blake Commagere
Blake Commagere (

Blake is a Founder, VP of Engineering and CMO at Blake is also the creator of the superviral Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves games on Facebook. Prior, he led the development of the Causes on Facebook application. Blake was also an early engineer on Plaxo’s client team and a founding engineer at BuildForge (acquired by IBM). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Rice University.

Chris Damsen
Chris Damsen (Netvibes)

Chris Damsen is VP Business Development at Netvibes. During his six-year tenure as Senior Director of Business Development at, Chris led its syndication division to more than $200M in annual revenue. He also established key relationships with more than 100 partners including AOL, Google, Lycos, BellSouth, CNET, Apple, EarthLink, and InfoSpace.

Eric Eldon
Eric Eldon (VentureBeat)

Eric Eldon is a reporter with VentureBeat, a news blog that covers startup companies and investing in Silicon Valley. He also is the co-founder of Writewith, a startup that provides software for news organizations.

Robert Fan
Robert Fan (Stanford University / 750 Industries)

Robert Fan is a co-founder of 750 Industries, a company that builds social applications for Facebook and other social platforms.

Rob began working on Facebook apps soon after platform launch and has been hacking away ever since. Rob was also one of the teaching assistants for the fall 2007 Stanford “Facebook” Class (CS377W), where he helped students develop and instrument viral applications & metrics.

Rob recently earned a Masters degree from Stanford University in Management Science and
Engineering, with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technologies.

Prior to coming west, Rob worked at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington DC as a technical consultant. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University.

Dan Farber
Dan Farber (CNET Networks)

Dan Farber is editor-in-chief of CNET, part of CNET Networks. He has more than 25 years of experience as a journalist covering technology.
Prior to joining CNET, Dan served as vice president and editor-in-chief of ZDNet. He also led the editorial teams at PC Week and MacWeek. In addition, he was the founding editor at MacWorld and part of the editorial staffs of PC World and PC Magazine.

BJ Fogg
BJ Fogg (Stanford University)

I’m a researcher, teacher, and innovator working mostly at Stanford. My training is in experimental psychology, especially the psychology of using computers.

Recently I taught a course at Stanford about Facebook apps, with Dave McClure, Dan Ackerman-Greenberg, and others.

Since 1993 I’ve been at Stanford University, investigating how computers can be designed to change attitudes and behaviors. I’ve written a book on this topic: Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do. (book website:

I’m writing a new book: The Psychology of Facebook.

I run a research lab at Stanford University:

Outside of Stanford I’m passionate about finding ways to improve personal relationships. I believe the quality of our closest relationships determines how happy we are (yes, the recipe for... Read More.

David Gentzel
David Gentzel (SocialMedia)

David Gentzel is VP Consumer Products at SocialMedia. He is also a top Facebook app developer and the creator of several apps with more than one million users, including Happy Hour and Food Fight. According to David, “I make viral apps.”

David Glazer
David Glazer (Google)

David is Director of Engineering at Google and currently leads the OpenSocial team there. Prior to joining Google in 2006, he successfully started two companies: Verity in 1988 and Eloquent in 1995. Eloquent was later acquired by Open Text in 2005. David has decades of experience working in the technology sector and holds an SB in physics from MIT.

Nick Gonzalez
Nick Gonzalez (SocialMedia)

bio coming soon.

Allen Hurff
Allen Hurff (SoCal Incubator)

Allen Hurff is the Vice President of Engineering. He has been working at the world’s most popular social networking and lifestyle portal since it was a privately owned start-up. In his position, Allen oversees the engineering and the overall development direction of MySpace as it matures into a company with global reach.

Allen joined MySpace in March 2005 with only 12 developers still located in Santa Monica, California. Allen has grown the engineering and quality assurance organization to over 250 employees now located in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, London, and Australia.

Before MySpace, I has worked at TRW, Unisys, AltaVista,, Experian, and private consulting. Allen Hurff continues to be a key influential player in the ongoing success and growth of MySpace.

... Read More.
Murtaza Hussain
Murtaza Hussain (Peanut Labs, Inc)

Murtaza Hussain is the co-founder and CEO of Peanut Labs, a leading provider of advanced market research services, integrated into 70+ online communities and platforms including MySpace, Facebook, and Google OpenSocial.

Murtaza has been heavily involved in social media, and is an expert in building online communities. He possesses a deep knowledge of Web 2.0 and ways to utilize social networks and the social graph to execute innovative business ideas and applications. Murtaza has appeared in Fortune, Forbes, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, Red Herring, San Francisco Chronicle, and Business 2.0, among others.

Prior to Peanut Labs he was co-founder of, a leading online casual gaming community, which he built to 2M+ users and profitability. In 2001 Murtaza founded Gaming Ventura, an international... Read More.

John Hwang
John Hwang (Tripmonger)

John Hwang is the founder of TripMonger, a Internet startup focused on travel and social networking applications. Most recently, he developed a popular Facebook application called Speed Racing, a car gaming app that allows users to customize their cars and race their friends. He received his BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin and completed his MBA at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Beth Kanter
Beth Kanter ( Beth's Blog)

Beth Kanter is a trainer, blogger, and consultant to nonprofits and individuals in effective use of social media. Her expertise is how to use new web tools (blogging, tagging, wikis, photo sharing, video blogging, screencasting, social networking sites, and virtual worlds, etc) to support nonprofit. She has worked on projects that include: training, curriculum development, research, and evaluation. She is an experienced coach to “digital immigrants” in the personal mastery of these tools.

She is a professional blogger and writes about the use of social media tools in the nonprofit sector for social change.

Amit Kapur
Amit Kapur (Gravity)

Amit Kapur is the Chief Operating Officer of MySpace. He manages global business operations for MySpace including business development and strategic partnerships across the website, Developer Platform, and MySpace Mobile.

Amit joined MySpace in 2005 as the company’s first business development hire. In this role, he led early growth projects including developing the company’s initial globalization strategy and leading deal negotiations across various partners. In 2006, Amit was promoted to Vice President of Business Development, driving key business partnerships for MySpace including the monetization deal with Google, the strategic product partnership with Skype, and the company’s first music licensing pact with Sony BMG.

Prior to MySpace, Amit worked in the strategy group at NBC-Universal. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Thermal Systems at... Read More.

Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy (Yahoo!)

Ian Kennedy is product manager for MyBlogLog, a service Yahoo! acquired in January 2007. He has been with Yahoo! since 2005 and held roles in corporate development and the Yahoo! Publisher Network.

Prior to Yahoo!, Kennedy was director of Sales & Partner Development at Six Apart and was also at Factiva, a Dow Jones & Reuters joint venture where he held roles in product management, business development, and sales.

He is the founder of one of the Web’s longest running weekly city guide sites, Tokyo Q (, an English language city guide for visitors and residents of Tokyo.

Kennedy earned a BA at UC Berkeley. He currently lives in the San Francisco area with his wife and two children. He blogs at

... Read More.
David Lavenda
David Lavenda (WorkLight)

David has an extensive background in marketing and product management and has held key senior positions in successful technology companies. He currently serves as VP Marketing & Product Strategy for WorkLight, a company that specializes in securing Web 2.0 technologies (e.g. Facebook) for the enterprise. Recently, he served as Chief Marketing Officer of V-Secure Technologies (sold to Radware – NASDAQ:RDWR). Prior to that, he co-founded and served as Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy at Business Layers (sold to Netegrity – NASDAQ:NETE). He has held a variety of business and technical positions in technology companies and organizations. David has a B.Sc. in Physics from Bar-Ilan University, an MBA in Marketing from the Recanati School of Business at Tel Aviv... Read More.

Michael Lazerow
Michael Lazerow (Buddy Media)

Michael is founder/CEO at Buddy Media, a New York City-based startup that develops applications on leading social networks, currently with over 8 million users on Facebook. Buddy Media helps large media companies and brand marketers leverage the social networks, and current clients include People Magazine, Real Simple, InStyle, Priceline, Anheuser Busch and other leading brands.

Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded four successful internet-based media companies and has a passion for creating, managing and growing companies. Before Buddy Media Michael founded GolfServ, the parent company of, purchased by Time Warner’s Time Inc. division in January 2006 for $24 million.

Before GolfServ, Michael founded University Wire (U-Wire), an network of more than 700 student-run newspapers purchased by CBS in 2005.... Read More.

Charlene Li
Charlene Li (Altimeter Group), @charleneli

Charlene Li is founder of the Altimeter Group and the author of the New York Times bestseller, Open Leadership. She is also the coauthor of the critically acclaimed, bestselling book Groundswell, which was named one of the best business books in 2008.

She is one of the foremost experts on social media and technologies and a consultant and independent thought leader on leadership, strategy, social technologies, interactive media and marketing. Formerly, Li was vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research and a consultant with Monitor Group. She was named one of the 100 most creative people in business by Fast Company in 2010 and one of the most influential women in technology 2009.Charlene is a frequently-quoted expert and has appeared on 60 Minutes, The... Read More.

Jeremy  Liew
Jeremy Liew (Lightspeed Venture Patners)

Jeremy Liew is a General Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, an early stage, tech focused Venture Capital Firm. At Lightspeed, Jeremy invests primarily in the internet and mobile sectors, with a particular interest in social media, gaming, commerce, and methods for increasing monetization. He joined Lightspeed in early 2006. He has led Lightspeed’s investments in Rock You, Flixster, Tippit, Mercantila and

Previously, Jeremy was with AOL, first as SVP of Corporate Development and Chief of Staff to the CEO, and then as General Manager of Netscape. Jeremy joined AOL from InterActiveCorp (originally USA Networks) where he was VP of Strategic Planning. While there, he was responsible for acquisitions, divestitures and investments in TV Networks, consumer internet companies and online... Read More.

Benjamin Ling
Benjamin Ling (Facebook)

Benjamin is the Director of Platform Product Marketing at Facebook, where he
oversees product marketing, developer operations and partner solutions for
Facebook Platform. Prior to Facebook, Benjamin was the General Manager of
eCommerce at Google, where he founded and led Google Checkout and
oversaw Google Product Search. At Google, he managed a cross functional
team that included product, engineering, sales, marketing, operations, finance
and legal. Benjamin holds a Ph.D. and master’s degree in computer science
from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree from the university of
California at Berkeley.

Lee Lorenzen
Lee Lorenzen (Altura Ventures)

Lee Lorenzen is a successful entrepreneur with more than 26 years of technology and investing experience. He is currently President, CEO of Altura Ventures. Prior to Altura Ventures he founded SHOP.COM and as CEO/Chairman led the company to becoming one of the largest shopping sites on the web. Lorenzen’s first start-up was Ventura Software where he co-wrote Ventura Publisher, later licensed to Xerox. Lorenzen founded Altura Software in 1990 and created the Mac2Win software which was used to port Mac applications to Windows. Altura has generated over $15M in revenue, and reached Softletter’s Top 100 list. Lorenzen also founded Fractal Design Corporation, which went public in 1995 before acquired by Corel; and he co-founded PGSoft which was sold to Novell. Lorenzen... Read More.

Roger Magoulas
Roger Magoulas (O'Reilly Media), @rogerm

Roger Magoulas is Director of Research for O’Reilly Media.

Kevin Marks
Kevin Marks (IndieWeb), @kevinmarks

Kevin Marks is the founder of Proud To Pay. Over the last 20 years he’s moved between giant companies and founding startups – BBC, The UK MultiMedia Corporation, Apple QuickTime, Technorati, Google, BT, Salesforce. The common thread has been working out how people, computers and media can complement each other, and solving the engineering and social problems where they meet. He is one of the driving forces behind microformats, and indiewebcamp. He is an advisor to the Open Rights Group. He wants you to remember that URLs are people too, and his URL is

Dave McClure
Dave McClure (500 Hats)

Dave McClure has been geeking out in Silicon Valley for almost twenty years as a software developer, entrepreneur, startup advisor, angel investor, blogger, & internet marketing nerd. Dave is the conference chair for Graphing Social Patterns, and a co-chair for Web 2.0 Expo. He has been a guest lecturer at Stanford University for the nation’s first-ever course on building Facebook Apps.

Previously, Dave launched and ran marketing for job search engine Simply Hired, and ran PayPal’s Developer Network program. Prior to PayPal Dave was a database consultant and programmer and in 1994 he founded Aslan Computing, acquired by Servinet/Panurgy in 1998.

Before coming to Silicon Valley, Dave barely graduated from the Johns Hopkins University with a BS in Mathematical Sciences Engineering and a minor in... Read More.

Chris Messina
Chris Messina (Vidoop)

Chris Messina arrived in San Francisco four years ago to begin volunteering for the Mozilla Foundation, as a leader of the Spread Firefox community marketing project. During his time with Mozilla, he helped raise over $220,000 in microdonations to put a two-page spread, which he also designed, into the New York Times helping to increase Firefox’s downloads to over 50 million in its first six months.

He went on to co-found web browser Flock and served as Director of Experience and Open Source Ambassador. Later, he co-founded Citizen Agency with Tara Hunt, and was named one of the Digital Utopians and People Who Populate Web 2.0 in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2006 after his work on WineCamp.

He has spoken at numerous conferences around... Read More.

Ben Metcalfe
Ben Metcalfe (Swordfish Corp /

Originally from London England, Ben Metcalfe worked at the BBC for six years before transplanting himself to San Francisco 18 months ago. During his time at the BBC Ben worked his way up the organization, originally working as a software engineer through to finally co-launching and running the BBC’s developer network Before that Ben launched his first startup, a free email service, when he was 17.
These days Ben can be found advising several companies and startups in a number of overlapping skill and experience areas. He draws on his experience as a software engineer, product manager, technical evangelist and strategist to work with companies in the areas of:

  • Platform & API projects
  • Social media and the social graph,
  • ... Read More.
Oren Michels
Oren Michels (Mashery)

Oren Michels brings more than 15 years of experience to his job as CEO of Mashery. Michels has a proven track record with experience across multiple industries. Previously, Michels was vice president of business development at Feedster, where he negotiated partnerships with AOL, Real Networks and Mitsui, and oversaw the company’s activities in China. Prior to Feedster, Michels was president of Colt HR, a leading provider of outsourced benefits administration software and services to the mid market. He also co-founded WiFinder, an international provider of directory services for wi-fi public access hotspots; served as president of, where he managed the company’s growth and helped establish it as a leading online wine auction market; served as COO of two manufacturing companies; and... Read More.

Lou Moore
Lou Moore (hi5 Networks)

Lou Moore is the Director of Engineering for hi5, a leading international social network and top ten website globally. Lou joined hi5 in 2005 as the company’s second engineer, and is currently leading the development of hi5’s new platform. In his product engineering work, Lou enjoys developing social Web applications that are both highly scalable and usable.

Prior to hi5, Lou was a software engineer at Scient, and Originally from Wisconsin, he holds a BS in computer engineering from Northwestern University.

Jeff Nolan
Jeff Nolan (NewsGator)

Jeff Nolan is responsible for business development, strategy, developing market awareness, and strategic relationships. Jeff was previously the CEO of pioneering mashup company Teqlo and prior to that led SAP’s Apollo strategy group. Jeff served as a general partner at SAP Ventures for almost a decade where he led investments in internet infrastructure technology, open source, and what has become web 2.0. With a lifelong interest in technology and its impact on business and society, the Bay Area native has a technical background and a natural curiosity about far too many areas to list. Jeff serves as Chairman of the Board for Students Rising Above, a San Francisco based organization that provides tuition assistance and mentoring for disadvantaged youths who despite all the... Read More.

Nick O'Neill
Nick O'Neill (Social Times)

Nick O’Neill is the creator of and the newly launched Social Times. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Nick has spent the past 8 years developing creative solutions for individuals on the web. Working from within agencies and startups, he has gained significant experience working with clients and overcoming extreme challenges.
Being highly active in the web and entrepreneurial communities, locally and nationally, Nick helped to bring the first Tech Cocktail to Washington, D.C. With the opening of the Facebook platform, Nick saw a huge opportunity and has become fully dedicated to covering the social networking phenomenon and developing creative applications for clients looking to gain exposure. Since the launch of the platform Nick has been featured on NPR, Fast Company, Practical... Read More.

Tim O'Shaughnessy
Tim O'Shaughnessy (Hungry Machine)

Tim is a co-founder and partner at Hungry Machine, a Washington DC-based company. Hungry Machine builds products in the social media space, including Visual Bookshelf, Beer, and Restaurants.

Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester Research)

Jeremiah Owyang is currently Senior Analyst at Forrester Research focused on Social Computing. Before Forrester, Jeremiah’s was responsible for the corporate evangelism at, and previously was leading the strategy and development of corporate web programs at Hitachi Data Systems, Exodus Communications, Cable and Wireless, and World Savings (now Wachovia). Jeremiah Owyang holds a Bachelors in in Marketing from San Francisco State University.

Ben Pashman
Ben Pashman (Gigya)

Ben has 15 years of media marketing experience, including 10 years focused on Internet advertising sales and business development. Positions include Sales and Product Management roles at Doubleclick, Advertising Director at Condenet and Director of Advertising Sales at Travelzoo where Ben helped the company go from $15M to $70M in advertising revenue in three years and saw the company through a successful IPO on NASDAQ. Prior to joining Gigya, Ben headed up ad sales for Insider Pages, a Sequoia Capital funded start up which was acquired by IAC.

Mark Pincus
Mark Pincus (Zynga)

Weighing in at 150 lbs is Mark Pincus, frenetic visionary of Zynga. His DNA is one strand entrepreneur and one strand competitive gamer. Mark founded (, one of the first social networks in 2003. Prior to Tribe, he was the founder and CEO of SupportSoft (Nasdaq: SPRT), the world’s leading provider of support automation software. Prior to SupportSoft, Mark co-founded Freeloader, the first consumer push information service.

Shervin Pishevar
Shervin Pishevar (Social Gaming Network)

Shervin Pishevar is president of, one of the world’s largest web publishers with more than 14 million members. Mr. Pishevar is responsible for leading overall strategy, business development, alliances, mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Pishevar founded his first company, WebOS in 1997 when he was 23 years old and raised more than $10 million. WebOS created the first distributed operating system of on-demand Windows-like web applications with APIs for developers.

Mr. Pishevar’s previous accomplishments include creating CNET’s Top 5 Web Application in 2000 (Hyperoffice), winning Computer Shopper’s Top 100 Technology Products of 2002 (Argentum), and he has raised millions in financing for companies that he co-founded or led. He is a holder of numerous patents, and is a published researcher with peer-reviewed articles published in... Read More.

Hooman Radfar
Hooman Radfar (Clearspring Technologies, Inc.)

Hooman is the founder & CEO of Clearspring Technologies, the leading provider of online widget syndication services. At Clearspring, he is actively involved in shaping product and marketing initiatives. He was recently named one of Tech’s Best Entrepreneurs in BusinessWeek and was nominated for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Hooman is a frequently requested speaker in the areas of social networks, syndication, and digital media. When he is not busy building a better web, you can find him writing his blog Widgify. Radfar graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Economics and Computer Science. He holds an M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University where he researched Social Networking Theory.

Scott Rafer
Scott Rafer (Lookery)

Scott Rafer has been helping Internet publishers and users take advantage of the latest technologies and trends since 1995. Today, that means delivering services for social publishing and discovery. As CEO of Lookery, Rafer is creating an ad network and user-targeting service that supports the growth of social applications, starting with Facebook. He is also co-founder of Mashery, which manages API and developer programs for web services providers, and chairman of Winksite, which makes it easy for individuals as well as big publishers to share media across mobile and social networks. Earlier, Rafer was CEO of MyBlogLog until Yahoo! acquired the company in January 2007. Prior to MyBlogLog, he twice tried and failed to build blog search companies—in 1998 and 2003. Before... Read More.

David Recordon

David Recordon is the Senior Open Programs Manager at Facebook, where he leads open source and open standards initiatives. He joined Facebook from Six Apart where he focused on platform strategies, and previously worked at VeriSign in the emerging business group. David has played a pivotal role in the development and popularization of key social media technologies, such as OpenID and OAuth. He collaborated with Brad Fitzpatrick in the development of OpenID, which has since become the most popular decentralized single-sign-on protocol in the history of the Web. In 2007, he became the youngest recipient of the Google-O’Reilly Open Source Award.

Jeff Roberto (Friendster)

Jeff has over 11 years experience managing multi-faceted programs in social media, e-commerce, product development, and partner marketing for Internet companies and services. He’s currently developing new customer acquisition and retention marketing programs for Friendster. Jeff joined Friendster in 2004 and was the first member of Friendster’s marketing team. He’s very active in the social media space and publicly speaks often regarding trends and thought leadership in Web 2.0.

Prior to joining Friendster, Jeff held an E-Commerce Manager position at Roxio/Napster, Inc. from 2000-2004. He worked on various online marketing programs for both brands and managed Roxio’s e-tail software business.

Before Roxio, he spent three years at and oversaw the launch of several marketing initiatives including affiliates, search engine strategies and partner incentive programs.... Read More.

Rodney Rumford
Rodney Rumford (FaceReviews)

Rodney is the Editor & Publisher of, a website that provides ratings & reviews of Facebook applications, as well as news & strategy insights. He has been involved with the Facebook f8 platform since launch. He is also Founder/CEO of a new media strategy & consulting practice that provides business and technology consulting on how to leverage the Facebook social operating system. Rodney has helped many Fortune 100 clients and hundreds of small businesses. Rodney has over 20 years experience in the technology industry, and has authored books on New Media & Business Blogging. His websites have been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Business 2.0, and the acclaimed “For Dummies” series of books. He has held senior level management positions in... Read More.

Keith Schacht
Keith Schacht (42 Friends LLC)

Keith Schacht is the founder of Chicago-based 42 Friends LLC, the company behind leading Facebook applications such as Growing Gifts and Hatching Eggs.

Prior to 42 Friends, Schacht co-founded and sold two technology companies. In 2005, BusinessWeek named him one of the top 20 entrepreneurs under 25. He has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, BusinessWeek, and Business 2.0 and served the world’s top consumer product companies including Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Motorola, BMW, Kraft, and many others. Schacht attended University of Illinois where he studied computer science and psychology.

Chris Schalk
Chris Schalk (Google)

Chris is a Developer Advocate at Google who engages the cloud development communities with both Google App Engine and other Google cloud technologies. Chris joined Google in 2007 and has worked on various Google technologies including OpenSocial, Maps and AJAX Apis. Prior to Google, Chris was a Principal Product Manager at Oracle in the development tools group as well as co-author of “JavaServer Faces: The Complete Reference”. Chris is a private pilot and also enjoys building and flying RC airplanes. When not flying, he also plays trumpet in various San Francisco Bay Area symphonies. Chris speaks Spanish, and a little French and German.

Jim Scheinman
Jim Scheinman (Charles River Ventures)

Jim joined Charles River Ventures as an Entrepreneur in Residence in 2007. His focus is on uncovering new investments in the consumer Internet, social networking and social media sectors, while working with the firm’s portfolio companies and evaluating opportunities for his own next start-up venture.

Jim is one of the early pioneers of the social networking phenomenon and was previously the head of business development and sales at the first social networking site, Friendster. There he created the concept of ‘engagement marketing’ within social networking sites, mobilizing the idea of enabling consumers to become brand advocates of engaging content and spreading the brands’ messages amongst their network of friends.

Prior to joining Friendster, Jim was a co-founder of Bebo and served as vice president of... Read More.

Mike Sego
Mike Sego (Gaia Online)

Mike Sego was appointed to CEO of Gaia Online in August 2010. For the previous year, Sego had been chief product officer at Gaia, overseeing all aspects of its product, engineering and creative development. He was recruited by former CEO Craig Sherman and the Gaia board to transition into the CEO role.

Sego developed (fluff)Friends, one of the first social gaming applications that monetized successfully. He sold the company to the Social Gaming Network in 2008 after winning over millions of users on Facebook. Prior to this, he was a technical lead at Google, where he helped triple the size of the Gmail frontend engineering team and received the company’s Founder’s Award in 2007. Previously, he was an engineer for The Sims... Read More.

Jia Shen
Jia Shen (RockYou)

Jia is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of RockYou, and has focused extensively on graphic design and usability throughout his professional web development career spanning over 10 years. Prior to RockYou, Jia has held management roles leading the user interface and technical solutions teams at Open Harbor, and managing the majority of engineering at Iconix. Jia started working on scalable consumer applications at shopping tools internet provider Bluedog, a Stanford based startup, and was part of the original team at Bell Laboratories which developed the VoiceXML format into the W3C standard. In addition, Jia’s experience has spanned enterprise sales and professional services functions, as he closed transactions and integrated with large multi-national corporation customers like Mitsubishi, Tyco, Flextronics, and DHL. Jia has a... Read More.

Joseph Smarr
Joseph Smarr (Google)

Joseph Smarr is a software engineer at Google, focused on socially enabling the web using open standards. Previously, he was Plaxo’s Chief Technology Officer, where he led their initiative to open up the social web, starting with co-authoring the Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web in 2007. He has served of the Board of Directors of the OpenID Foundation and OpenSocial Foundation. A frequent speaker and community participant in the social networking and web development communities, Joseph has built web applications for many years. Joseph has a BS and MS from Stanford University in Artificial Intelligence. His website is, or just Google him!

Justin Smith
Justin Smith ( & Watercooler)

Justin Smith is the editor of InsideFacebook, the first Facebook-focused blog, covering the business of Facebook and the Facebook Platform for developers and marketers. Justin is also the Product Manager at Watercooler, a developer of sports and television entertainment Facebook applications. Millions of Facebook members have joined Watercooler’s applications since their launch. Justin has a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University.

Seth Sternberg

Seth Sternberg is the cofounder and CEO of Honor, a service modernizing the home care market and making it easier for older adults to remain in their homes with joy, comfort, and grace. Prior to Honor, Seth was the cofounder and CEO of Meebo, a web communications platform that reached $50M in revenue and close to half the US Internet population. After Meebo was acquired by Google, Seth became a product director working on the Google+ platform and Google X. Seth is an avid cyclist and loves working with entrepreneurs in his free time.

Bret Taylor
Bret Taylor (FriendFeed)

Bret Taylor is one of the founders of FriendFeed, which makes it easy to keep track of the web pages, videos, music, and photos your friends and family discover around the Internet. Before starting FriendFeed, Bret was at Google for four years, where he launched Google Maps, Google Local, the Google Maps API, and founded Google’s Developer product group. Bret has a MS and BS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Pam Webber
Pam Webber (Widgetbox)

Pam Webber has over 10 years of experience in marketing and strategy of consumer products and services. Prior to her position as Vice President of Marketing at Widgetbox, Pam spent seven years at eBay most recently as Director of Consumer Marketing for eBay’s subsidiary PayPal. At PayPal, Pam was charged with developing marketing strategy and programs for PayPal’s consumer businesses including eBay North America, PayPal Financial Products, and PayPal Mobile. Pam also worked for Borden, Inc. as a Corporate Strategy Associate in Columbus, Ohio and as an Investment Banking Analyst for Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette in New York City. Pam holds a BA in Mathematics and Economics, magna cum laude, from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Troy  Young
Troy Young (VideoEgg)

Troy joined VideoEgg as CMO in 2006 to build the company’s advertising offering and establish a leadership position in the online video advertising market.

Prior to VideoEgg, Troy was EVP, Chief Experience Officer at Organic, one of the world’s leading digital marketing agencies. In this capacity he provided strategic leadership to clients and teams across the Organic network. Troy joined the company as Managing Director in 1999. Over the years he was worked with dozens of leading brands including 20th Century Fox, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, CondeNast, Bell Canada, Janus and American Express.

Troy’s work in interactive media dates back to 1992, when he worked on the launch and management of Babylon, the first newspaper-owned online service in Canada. Troy later worked in... Read More.


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