Dan Ackerman-Greenberg

Dan Ackerman-Greenberg
Stanford University / 750 Industries


Dan Ackerman Greenberg is a co-founder of 750 Industries, a company that builds social applications for Facebook and other social platforms. He is also co-founder of The Comotion Group, a viral marketing company that specializes in seeding and marketing viral videos online.

Dan helped teach the 2007 Stanford “Facebook” Class with Dave McClure and BJ Fogg.

Dan graduated with a BA in Economics from Stanford University in 2007. He recently dropped out of a Stanford Masters program in Management Science & Engineering to work full time building his company.


Location: San Diego Ballroom B Level: Novice
BJ Fogg (Stanford University), Dan Ackerman-Greenberg (Stanford University / 750 Industries), Robert Fan (Stanford University / 750 Industries)
September 2007: 100 students enroll in a Stanford class on building Facebook apps and social persuasion. By December the students blew everyone away: 50+ amazing apps, 10 million installs, and 1 million daily users. Come hear their story and learn what happened. Read more.

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