Lee Lorenzen

Lee Lorenzen
President, CEO , Altura Ventures


Lee Lorenzen is a successful entrepreneur with more than 26 years of technology and investing experience. He is currently President, CEO of Altura Ventures. Prior to Altura Ventures he founded SHOP.COM and as CEO/Chairman led the company to becoming one of the largest shopping sites on the web. Lorenzen’s first start-up was Ventura Software where he co-wrote Ventura Publisher, later licensed to Xerox. Lorenzen founded Altura Software in 1990 and created the Mac2Win software which was used to port Mac applications to Windows. Altura has generated over $15M in revenue, and reached Softletter’s Top 100 list. Lorenzen also founded Fractal Design Corporation, which went public in 1995 before acquired by Corel; and he co-founded PGSoft which was sold to Novell. Lorenzen has also worked at Xerox and Digital Research. Lorenzen graduating valedictorian from SMU with a BS in Computer Science.


Location: San Diego Ballroom B Level: Novice
Eric Eldon (VentureBeat), Jeff Clavier (Softtech VC), Jason Beckerman (Teach The People, Dank Apps), Lee Lorenzen (Altura Ventures)
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