Seth Sternberg

Seth Sternberg
Cofounder and CEO, Honor


Seth Sternberg is the cofounder and CEO of Honor, a service modernizing the home care market and making it easier for older adults to remain in their homes with joy, comfort, and grace. Prior to Honor, Seth was the cofounder and CEO of Meebo, a web communications platform that reached $50M in revenue and close to half the US Internet population. After Meebo was acquired by Google, Seth became a product director working on the Google+ platform and Google X. Seth is an avid cyclist and loves working with entrepreneurs in his free time.


Location: San Diego Ballroom B Level: Novice
Oren Michels (Mashery), Seth Sternberg (Honor), Jessica Alter (Bebo), Chris Damsen (Netvibes), Jeff Roberto (Friendster)
Facebook has Platform. Google has OpenSocial. Many social networks are choosing to also roll out their own application platform offering. See an overview of social platforms from Bebo, meebo, NetVibes, & Friendster and find out what choices they made in creating their social platforms. Read more.

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