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Ok, now your app is viral and has a bazillion users. It's so engaging, they spend hours using it almost every day. Just one last thing: it's Time to Get Paid. SHOW ME THE MONEY!
If someone wants to live "silo-free" and use / support distributed social networking technology, where do they start? DiSo is a distributed social network project founded by Steve Ivy and Chris Messina, built on top of WordPress. DiSo uses already-existing blog software building blocks, along with technologies like XMPP and XFN for handling friend lists and message delivery.
Get a technical overview of Google's new OpenSocial platform, and see how it's being used to develop cross-platform social applications for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Ning, and other popular social networks running OpenSocial containers. Learn how to build an OpenSocial app that can be accessed by over 200 million users on the Web.
What are the critical and necessary components of a highly successful social application? Come learn the elements of style for building apps and widgets on today's social platforms.
Social networks are taking over the Web and changing how we interact with other people and businesses. See where social networks are headed in the future, and how business and technology is adapting.
Presentation: Welcome Presentation [PPT]
Welcome to the premier conference on social networks and social platforms. Learn about the latest marketing & technical innovations happening in social networking from Google, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo, and many more.
MyBlogLog powers the friendly little faces you see on many blog sidebars. But behind the cool little widget there's a lot more going on; MBL enables users to store identity pointers to over 30 different social networking services. With the new MyBlogLog API, developers can now build lots of cool mashups, some of which Ian will demo & explain why Yahoo is so excited about them.
Find out how to market your business on Facebook using a variety of tools and techniques, and see case studies of other businesses currently using Facebook as a core marketing channel for customer acquisition.

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