Driving Fanatic User Engagement & Addictive Retention

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Apps with millions of users are great, but if your users never come back how much is it worth? Find out how to design and build for fanatic user engagement, how to create retention strategies and measure the results, and ultimately get users addicted to your application or widget for life—or at least a few months :).

Photo of Nick O'Neill

Nick O'Neill

Social Times

Nick O’Neill is the creator of AllFacebook.com and the newly launched Social Times. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Nick has spent the past 8 years developing creative solutions for individuals on the web. Working from within agencies and startups, he has gained significant experience working with clients and overcoming extreme challenges.
Being highly active in the web and entrepreneurial communities, locally and nationally, Nick helped to bring the first Tech Cocktail to Washington, D.C. With the opening of the Facebook platform, Nick saw a huge opportunity and has become fully dedicated to covering the social networking phenomenon and developing creative applications for clients looking to gain exposure. Since the launch of the platform Nick has been featured on NPR, Fast Company, Practical Ecommerce and multiple other national publications.

Note on the Social Times:

The Social Times mission is to empower passionate individuals to cover the topics that they are most passionate about while learning the ropes of new media. We are a breeding ground for new media professionals and entrepreneurs.

Photo of Mike Sego

Mike Sego

Gaia Online

Mike Sego was appointed to CEO of Gaia Online in August 2010. For the previous year, Sego had been chief product officer at Gaia, overseeing all aspects of its product, engineering and creative development. He was recruited by former CEO Craig Sherman and the Gaia board to transition into the CEO role.

Sego developed (fluff)Friends, one of the first social gaming applications that monetized successfully. He sold the company to the Social Gaming Network in 2008 after winning over millions of users on Facebook. Prior to this, he was a technical lead at Google, where he helped triple the size of the Gmail frontend engineering team and received the company’s Founder’s Award in 2007. Previously, he was an engineer for The Sims Online at Electronic Arts.

Photo of Keith Schacht

Keith Schacht

42 Friends LLC

Keith Schacht is the founder of Chicago-based 42 Friends LLC, the company behind leading Facebook applications such as Growing Gifts and Hatching Eggs.

Prior to 42 Friends, Schacht co-founded and sold two technology companies. In 2005, BusinessWeek named him one of the top 20 entrepreneurs under 25. He has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, BusinessWeek, and Business 2.0 and served the world’s top consumer product companies including Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Motorola, BMW, Kraft, and many others. Schacht attended University of Illinois where he studied computer science and psychology.

Photo of Tim O'Shaughnessy

Tim O'Shaughnessy

Hungry Machine

Tim is a co-founder and partner at Hungry Machine, a Washington DC-based company. Hungry Machine builds products in the social media space, including Visual Bookshelf, Beer, and Restaurants.

Photo of Zach Allia

Zach Allia

Free Gifts

Zach Allia is the founder/developer of the Free Gifts application on Facebook. Free Gifts started as a simple play on the Facebook application “Gifts.” However, Zach turned Free Gifts into a really fun and engaging application, creating a very loyal following. Zach, originally from Boston, now lives in Palo Alto, CA and is a co-founder of the Social Gaming Network.


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