Social Application Development 101: Elements of Style

Location: San Diego Ballroom B Level: Novice

What are the critical and necessary components of a highly successful social application? How do you design for both viral adoption and user engagement? How can you build an app that can easily be ported to new social networking environments?

Come learn the answers and other elements of style for developers building apps and widgets on today’s social platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, OpenSocial, and others.

Photo of Jia Shen

Jia Shen


Jia is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of RockYou, and has focused extensively on graphic design and usability throughout his professional web development career spanning over 10 years. Prior to RockYou, Jia has held management roles leading the user interface and technical solutions teams at Open Harbor, and managing the majority of engineering at Iconix. Jia started working on scalable consumer applications at shopping tools internet provider Bluedog, a Stanford based startup, and was part of the original team at Bell Laboratories which developed the VoiceXML format into the W3C standard. In addition, Jia’s experience has spanned enterprise sales and professional services functions, as he closed transactions and integrated with large multi-national corporation customers like Mitsubishi, Tyco, Flextronics, and DHL. Jia has a double major in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Photo of R. Tyler Ballance

R. Tyler Ballance

At the age of 22, Tyler is already well known as the lead developer of Slide’s Top Friends application, one of the most popular applications on Facebook and Bebo with millions of daily active users. He also developed several other Slide applications, including Fortune Cookie and Famous Quotes.

Tyler has been developing software professionally since the age of 18, when he founded a Mac software and consulting company named bleep. He dropped out of Texas A&M University, where he studied computer engineering, to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit. When he’s not writing code, Tyler actively contributes to the open source community and his own blog, the Unethical Blogger. Plus, he has a killer virtual backhand with a Wii Tennis score of over 2300.


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