Graphing Social Patterns West: The Business & Technology of Social Networking Platforms

GSP West has concluded in San Diego. Check out the highlights:

"We're just at the beginning of understanding how the social graph will change every web application... what is emerging is the identity and social subsystem of the future internet operating system." —Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media, Inc.

GSP is the premier conference for developers and marketers building and distributing apps for MySpace, Facebook, OpenSocial and other social networking platforms. Happening March 3-4, 2008 in San Diego, California, this event is for both business executives and technical developers who want to learn more about the evolving environment, and how to reach online communities using new and established social networking platforms and applications.

GSP is two days of plenary sessions exploring social networks from two perspectives:

Business & Marketing strategy:

  • The Future of Social Networks
  • Overview of MySpace Platform & OpenSocial
  • Platform Integration: Bebo, NetVibes, Meebo, Friendster
  • Marketing Your Business on Facebook
  • Widget Strategies for Social Networks
  • Privacy Management & Data Portability for Social Networks

App Development & Technical Strategy:

  • Platform Technical Overviews: Facebook & MySpace
  • Social App Development 101: Elements of Style
  • Intro to OpenSocial Apps and Containers
  • Viral Strategy and Engineering the Viral Loop
  • Driving Fanatic User Engagement and Retention
  • Business Models, Ad Networks and Monetization

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