Brian Oberkirch

Brian Oberkirch
Founder, Small Good Thing


Brian Oberkirch consults on marketing, social media and web development projects, helping companies use new tools to have better conversations with those who matter to their business.

In Brian’s past lives, he was a marketing consultant and writer for hire, managed national brand accounts at large and small advertising and PR shops, started a social media consultancy called Weblogs Work and helped build a suite of applications for those clients, taught literature and creative writing, wrote newspaper articles, did the morning news at a radio station, and many other things.


Location: Regency E Level: Intermediate
Brian Oberkirch (Small Good Thing), Dave Morin (Facebook), Chris Saad (Faraday Media, DataPortability Project), Allen Hurff (SoCal Incubator), John McCrea (Plaxo), Dave McClure (500 Hats)
Social networks are letting more people connect than ever before. With just a click, you can make friends with anyone in the world, and share your hobbies and interests... or your most treasured secrets. Learn how social networks can help (or harm) people and their social profile data. Find out how to manage online privacy, and what data is available to friends, apps, and marketers. Read more.
  • Buddy Media
  • AOL
  • Bebo
  • Clearspring
  • Friendster
  • Gratis Network
  • Hook Mobile
  • SocialMedia
  • BNet

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