Gregory Cypes

Gregory Cypes
Tech Lead & Evangelist, Open AIM (AOL)


Greg Cypes is the Tech Lead and Evangelist for Open AIM. He has developed and designed the core instant messaging software for AIM, ICQ and AOL including SMS, location services, audio, video and peer-2-peer technology in AIM. In his nine plus years working on AIM, he has enjoyed his role in transforming AOL’s client software from a self-contained entity to one of the most robust and powerful open messaging and peer-2-peer networks in the world. In his free time, Greg has developed and contributed dozens of extensions to the Open AIM community and other social networks.


Location: Regency E Level: Intermediate
Benjamin Joffe (Plus Eight Star / Mobile Monday Beijing), Ben Keighran (Bluepulse), Gregory Cypes (Open AIM (AOL)), Craig Dalton (Hook Mobile), Chris Butler (Dash Navigation)
Average rating: *****
(5.00, 1 rating)
Social networks on your PC computer? Oh man, that is "so" 2004. Find out how social networks for cellphones and other mobile devices are driving a new wave of innovation around both WHO and WHERE. Read more.
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