Michael Jones

Michael Jones
CEO UserPlane / AOL VP, Userplane / AOL


Michael Jones is CEO of Userplane and Vice President of AOL, and oversees Userplane business strategy, sales and operations.

As founder and CEO of Userplane, Jones brought the company from startup to acquisition by AOL in August 2006. As Vice President of AOL, he now focuses on the growth of AOL syndicated application strategy under the Userplane brand.

Userplane supports more than 50 million users in 15 countries across 150,000 different web publishers. Userplane has been recognized as a pioneer in open widget distribution and Flash web application development, and has provided web infrastructure to companies such as MySpace, date.com, and Honda.

A serial entrepreneur, Jones founded Elixir Magazine in 1994, a nationally distributed pop-culture music and entertainment magazine. Subsequently Jones founded his first digital production studio PBJ Digital in 1996, during his junior year in college. Jones earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Business and Marketing from the University of Oregon.


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Frank Gruber (Somewhat Frank / TECH cocktail / AOL), Alex Blum (KickApps), Michael Jones (Userplane / AOL), Kerry Pearce-Parkins (Mixx.com), Sean Roach (Got Access)
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