Intro to MySpace Developer Platform & Apps

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This workshop will provide an introductory technical overview of MySpace Developer Platform (MDP), and also cover development of a basic MySpace application, creating virality & user engagement, and listing in the MySpace Apps directory. Additional examples will be provided by featured MDP app developers who are live on the MySpace platform.

Photo of Chris Bissell

Chris Bissell


Chris is Chief Software Architect at MySpace. His job is to come up with convoluted method signatures so other developers can have the satisfaction of renaming them.

Photo of Max Newbould

Max Newbould


Maxwell Newbould is the product owner and development manager for the MySpace Developer Platform’s OpenSocial container. He has been working for MySpace since March 2006, and was the first developer at MySpace’s Seattle office. Recently, he has been touring the globe speaking about MySpace Developer Platform and OpenSocial. Maxwell also provides engineering support for companies building applications for the world’s most popular social networking and lifestyle portal. Previously to MySpace, Maxwell worked in government, finance, travel and technology sectors.

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  • AOL
  • Bebo
  • Clearspring
  • Friendster
  • Gratis Network
  • Hook Mobile
  • SocialMedia
  • BNet

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