Intro to Facebook & Bebo Application Development (Sponsored by Bebo)

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This workshop will provide an introductory technical overview of the Facebook & Bebo platforms, and will also walk through the development of a basic social application. Attendees will learn how to create an app outline, app invitations & notifications, profile box, canvas pages, news feed messages, and get list in app directories.

Additional demonstrations & examples will be provided by top Facebook & Bebo app developers.

Photo of David Gentzel

David Gentzel


David Gentzel is Co-Founder of VP Consumer Products at SocialMedia. He is also a top Facebook app developer and the creator of several apps with more than one million users, including Happy Hour and Food Fight. According to David, “I make viral apps.”

Photo of John Maver

John Maver

Thought Labs

John Maver is a highly experienced developer who helps companies get connected to their customers on social networking sites. He has been involved with the Facebook and Bebo platforms from the time they were released and has written several successful applications for both. John is also the current Featured Developer on Bebo.

Prior to specializing in social network development, John spent 10 years leading software development teams and building award-winning software debugging products at NuMega Technologies. John holds a B.S. in Management and a B.A. in Psychology from Purdue University and has completed graduate work in Computer Science at Boston University.

Photo of Cappy Popp

Cappy Popp

Thought Labs

Cappy Popp has in-depth experience in multiple aspects of software development. He has been working on both the Facebook and Bebo development platforms since their inception and is a proud member of the Boston Facebook Developers group. Formerly a top software engineer and internal consultant at Numega Technologies and Compuware Corporation, Cappy has created successful Facebook applications that are not only fun, but have real utility in news, chat, data reporting, RSS integration and communications.

Cappy holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Clemson University and has completed Masters Certification in Computer Science at Boston University. Interestingly, his first career was as a professional chef in several of Boston’s top restaurants. Whether working with food or social media, Cappy loves to be "in the kitchen.

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