Social Games for Social Platforms: Unleashing Viral Fun :)

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Social Games are a new category of fun, simple applications that operate on social platforms. Several new social startups are creating easy-to-use game apps that offer both highly viral and highly engaging characteristics at the same time.

Find out more about how Social Games are driving a new wave of user activity and developer innovation.

Photo of Justin Smith

Justin Smith & Watercooler

Justin Smith is the editor of Inside Facebook, the first Facebook-focused blog, covering Facebook and other major social platforms for developers and marketers. Justin is also the Head of Product at Watercooler, a developer of sports and television entertainment social applications across Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, and Friendster. Millions of people have joined Watercooler’s applications since their launch. Justin has a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University.

Photo of Siqi Chen

Siqi Chen

Serious Business

Siqi Chen is a founder of a YCombinator-funded startup in the Facebook space and a top ranked developer on the Facebook platform. He was previously a product manager at video sharing site Veoh and a software engineer at the semantic search startup Powerset.

Photo of Andrew Trader

Andrew Trader

Zynga Game Networks

As a software and Internet entrepreneur, savvy business leader and long-time gamer, Andrew Trader (A.T.) is establishing Zynga as a tour-de-force in the social gaming genre. By forging business partnerships with both independent and established game developers, A.T. has already grown Zynga’s network to over 1.0 million daily users since the company’s partner program launch in February 2008. Zynga currently boasts 30 games from 15 developers in addition to its own games and 1.6 million daily users.

Before co-founding Zynga, A.T. was the CEO of Utah Street Networks, operator of (, one of the first social networking sites. He led the sale of Utah Street Networks to Cisco in 2007. He was also the co-founder of Coremetrics (, a leader in website marketing, and served as the company’s VP of Business Development growing the company to over 100 employees and raising $65 million in invested capital. Previously A.T. was a Senior Vice President at Sherwood Partners, and before that at Ernst & Young LLP. He holds both BSE and MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Photo of Robert Balahura

Robert Balahura


Rob founded J2Play in 2000 by creating and commercializing the world’s first mobile multiplayer game for J2ME handsets, and following that with the worlds first cross-media web to mobile multiplayer game & SDK. Since then, J2Play has created a solution and SDK’s for creating social cross-media games with web, mobile and pc platforms. Today, J2Play provides an open game solution that enables rapid development & self-publishing of social and multiplayer games on all key platforms with the social site identity as the root of all communication and game play. The J2Play solution helps to enable web, mobile, and PC game developers to independently build their business on top of all social sites and spark growth in the social games market.

TJ Murphy

Mobian Design

TJ is a Ruby on Rails developer who’s work has been featured at RailsConf and the Game Developers Conference, as well as in Esquire, TechCrunch, and Mashable. He can be found at or on Twitter & IRC as teej_m.

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