Walton Smith

Walton Smith
Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton


Walton Smith is one of Booz Allen’s thought leaders in Enterprise/Gov 2.0. Walton’s entrepreneurial approach has led Booz Allen teams to design, develop and implement social media strategies for government agencies and private sector clients. Currently he leads the firm’s internal corporate investment strategy to bolster the Knowledge Management and Information Sharing Program including the Hello.bah.com platform. Mr. Smith steered the successful Enterprise/Gov 2.0 engagement across multiple teams improving the flow of information to and from consulting staff, and increasing the value of collaborative outcomes. He ensured adoption and usage of the new enterprise program by integrating change management strategy with the implementation of IT technologies including social networking and enterprise search. Mr. Smith previously led the successful implementation of two firm wide Business Process Reengineering (BPR) efforts, and the firm’s Microsoft SharePoint implementation.


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Walton Smith (Booz Allen Hamilton), Grant McLaughlin (Booz Allen Hamilton)
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How do some leaders succeed in moving the government bureaucracy forward and implementing change, while others become frustrated in their efforts? To answer this question, Booz Allen teamed with Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government to conduct a rigorous examination of management approaches within government. Learn what management approaches worked, which ones didn’t and why. Read more.
Empowering Citizens
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Walton Smith (Booz Allen Hamilton)
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Technology in Washington DC is starting to sound an awful lot like Silicon Valley. And for good reason: our Government has embraced technology like never before. While this technology is being implemented for everything from increasing transparency to improving collaboration, the common thread underlying all of it is innovation. Read more.
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