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Economist and leading Australasian Gov 2.0 thinker Nicholas Gruen has advised two Cabinet Ministers, sat on the Productivity Commission and last year chaired the acclaimed Australian Gov2.0 Taskforce. Nicholas has been at the forefront of thinking about the dynamic tension between the public and private sectors. At the center of his analysis is the concept of a new ‘economics of abundance’ in which public goods are privately provided. We’ve typically looked to governments to build public goods. But the platforms of the internet – and the culture of Web 2.0 practitioners– are both public goods – and yet they are overwhelmingly the product of private endeavor. Gov 2.0 means nothing less than a new relationship between the public and private sector to achieve common goals.

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Nicholas Gruen

Government 2.0 Taskforce (Australia)

Nicholas Gruen chaired the Australian Government’s Government 2.0 Taskforce.

He is trained in History, Statistics, Law and Economics, was a ministerial advisor to two Cabinet Ministers in the 1980s and 90s, was appointed to the Productivity Commission in 1994 and 5 and from 1997 to 2000 directed the Business Council of Australia’s New Directions program. He then founded Lateral Economics and Peach Financial.

He has published internationally on a range of economic policy issues, is a regular national newspaper columnist, a board member of Sustainability Victoria, and is a substantial contributor to Australia’s thriving policy blog scene. He is Chairman of Online Opinion a not-for-profit site hosting news and cultural opinion and Kaggle, a new global platform for data competitions.

Dr Gruen was a member of the Cutler Review into Innovation in Australia and has been involved with the Commonwealth, Victorian, South Australian, NSW and Queensland governments and the World Bank in the areas of innovation in government and continuous improvement in regulation. He is a member of the advisory committee guiding innovation in the Victorian Public Service and worked with the Federal Department of Innovation on its report to the Management Advisory Committee on innovation in Government.

In 2009 Dr Gruen chaired the Federal Government’s Government 2.0 Taskforce producing a report which garnered high praise from leading international experts. The Federal Government has largely accepted the Taskforce’s recommendations.

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