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Michael McDonald

President: Global Health Initiatives, Inc.

Michael McDonald is director of the National Sustainable Security Infrastructure Pandemic Initiative. Dr. McDonald is chief architect of the U.S. Resilience System and is also currently President and CEO of Global Health Initiatives, Inc., and Executive Director of Health Initiatives Foundation Inc. He is Principal Investigator on the Disaster Knowledge Management System and the Global Resilience System testbed, which are oriented toward the prevention and management of large-scale social crises (e.g., disease outbreaks, terrorism, natural disasters, economic and social discontinuities) at the global, national, regional, and local levels.

Since 2003, an increasing amount of Dr. McDonald’s time has been committed to improving local, regional, national, and global responses to pandemic flu and other global threats. Dr. McDonald has led four large PanFlu exercises, including in summer 2006 with the top officers in the National Capital Region. He has provided speeches on Capital Hill with leading Senators and Congressman in the area of biosecurity emphasizing our vulnerabilities regarding pandemic flu. He debated Tony Fauci (Director of NIAID and one of President Bush’s key advisors on biosecurity) on BioShield on National Public Radio. He coordinated the U.S. Resilience Summit 2008, including a simulation of an event destabilizing the Southeast Asia food supply.

Dr. McDonald provided testimony to the Congressional Budget Office on key weaknesses of current U.S. pandemic flu policy. He has been an early voice for global, real-time, transparent biosurveillance systems and building infrastructures supporting situational awareness and verifiable resilience at the household, neighborhood and community levels. Dr. McDonald has made it clear that the local level is where the most life critical decisions will be made to stem the tide of infection during the first wave of a pandemic. He has chaired a panel on pandemic surveillance emerging from the 7/19/06 National Capital Region PanFlu Exercise and was principal author of the Surveillance Panel Report on Pandemic Surveillance Impacting the National Capital Region. Dr. McDonald discussed the Panel Report findings in the Aspen Institute Meeting on Pandemic Surveillance (including key thought leaders from the White House, UN, WHO, HHS, CDC, World Bank …) Dr. McDonald led the National Capital Region Pandemic Flu Simulation, and led the 2006 review of the District of Columbia Pandemic Flu Plan.

Dr. McDonald’s primary attention today is directed at building the next generation of health and crisis management systems integrating health care systems, emergency management, information technologies, community resilience, and knowledge science. Dr. McDonald continues to pioneer in the development of health information systems, virtual health management systems, decision support systems, knowledge management, evidence-based practices, health/humanitarian/disaster management command and control systems, and cross-media health and community empowerment. Dr. McDonald chaired the Genomics and Bioinformatics working group and was co-founder of the Bioterrorism working group of IEEE. Dr. McDonald is performing research in memetics and biosecurity in association with several universities and government agencies. He has been co-principal investigator with the Centers for Disease Control on the Psychosocial Dimensions of BioSecurity Initiative. Dr. McDonald is developing crisis management policy and technologies on global, national, state, and local levels.


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Michael McDonald (Global Health Initiatives, Inc.), Eric Rasmussen (InSTEDD), Jim Stogdill (Accenture), Martin Stadtler (Red Hat)
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In this session we'll examine how modern networks permit us to harness information flow to provide early warning and vastly improve our response to system-stressing events such as the H1N1 pandemic. Read more.
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