Thursday, December 10th

US-Pacific Standard Time:
9:00am - 11:45pm

US-Eastern Standard Time:
12:00pm - 2:45pm

Cost: Free

Location: Online,
from the comfort of your desk.

Includes access to the recorded sessions after the live event.

The Gov 2.0 Online Conference provides an ongoing forum for exploring the latest issues, without the expense or inconvenience of travel. It's our way of bringing a rich discussion of the Gov 2.0 landscape to your desktop and keeping the conversation alive throughout the year.

In an online conference, participants log on and attend sessions, enter into discussions with other participants and presenters using the live text chat, and are able to pose questions and interact with people from all over the world. It has a similar structure to a physical conference, except that you hear the speakers discuss topics and watch their slide presentations via your computer from the convenience of your office or home. You'll take breaks between sessions and enjoy lively chat conversations with your fellow attendees.

Gov 2.0 Tools

This information is brought to you by Microsoft, our exclusive Gov 2.0 Online Conference Sponsor

  • An Enterprise Approach to Web 2.0 in Government

    The next generation of government—Gov 2.0—has a unique opportunity to embrace today’s engaging Web 2.0 technologies to respond to citizens with increased efficiency, transparency, and openness. However, to make Web 2.0 practical for government, you need an enterprise IT strategy that provides appropriate security, scalability, and interoperability. Download paper (1.2 MB).

  • Implement Gov 2.0 using Microsoft SharePoint—fast!—with the Gov 2.0 kit

    Try the hosted, online virtual demo site now!
    Get the Gov 2.0 kit on CodePlex
    Use our easy-to-install solution package, featuring Microsoft SharePoint accelerator templates that require little or no development support, to get your Gov 2.0 plans on the fast track—even if your team has little SharePoint experience. Built on a common, open-source codebase, so you can modify or improve the templates to meet your requirements, offer feedback and feature suggestions, and adopt improvements made by others.

    The kit supports:

    • Easy-to-deploy, on-premise micro-blogging.
    • Easy-to-deploy, on-premise social connections
    • Optional Integration with Twitter and FaceBook for one-stop posting or status updates.
    • Auditing and post-tracking
  • Get a head start with our Gov 2.0 Sample Plan

    Add your agency name, fill in the details, modify as needed, and you'll have a plan ready for approval. Download the Microsoft Gov 2.0 Governance Plan (Microsoft Office Word file, 84 MB).